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Elevate your health and fitness with these smartwatches 

Upping the ante on daily workouts or prioritizing your mental wellbeing, these smartwatches have got you covered.

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In the not-so-distant past, consumers were content with fitness trackers to quantify their health, sleep and stress. However, smartwatches offering a broader range of features beyond fitness tracking, such as communication capabilities, music streaming, and app integration, have captured the attention of health-conscious people.

So, the question when looking for a smartwatch is not the best but rather the one that best fits an individual’s unique requirements. Some smartwatches prioritize health and fitness, while others are designed to brave the outdoors. 

Check out our round-up of some of the most innovative smartwatches in the market. 


Courtesy: Apple

The Apple Watch has enjoyed its fair share of dominance, with good reason. The Series 8 ranks as Apple’s most personalized device to date. The watch aims to be your fitness coach and personal assistant, offering temperature sensing, crash detection, sleep stage monitoring, and a workout application providing analytics into new training methods. 

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Courtesy: Apple

Are you going on an adventure? Take the Apple Watch Ultra with you. This watch features a strong titanium case, a precise dual-frequency GPS, 36-hour battery life. It’s built for underwater sports. 

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Courtesy: Google

Other than its visually pleasing bold and circular exterior, the stainless steel encasing is made of recycled materials. If you are everything Google, this is the perfect watch for you. From Google Maps, Google Wallet to Google Assistant and Gmail, you can manage the G-suite seamlessly without needing a phone or laptop. The watch is equipped with FitBit, which provides health insights.

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Courtesy: FitBit

To optimize your workouts and monitor your health with precise analytics, invest in a Fitbit Sense 2 watch. This advanced timepiece offers a range of health metrics, such as SpO2 levels and skin temperature, giving you valuable insights into your well-being. It features more than 40 exercising modes that allow you to set personal goals and a GPS tracking system that works on land and underwater as deep as 50 meters.

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Courtesy: Samsung

If you’re an Android user, you should check out the Samsung watch with a sapphire crystal display. It offers all the standard features you’d expect from a smartwatch, like health and wellness tracking and sleep monitoring. But here’s the kicker: this watch has a three-in-one BioActive sensor that gives detailed health data.

Moreover, this watch has a rotating bezel, which most smartwatches don’t have. You can zoom in and out on the screen or adjust settings after taking a photo. It’s a small detail, but it adds a lot of convenience.

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Courtesy: Huawei

Huawei’s Watch 4 Series takes the smartwatch game to a new level. With over 100 workout modes, this watch caters to every fitness enthusiast. The water-resistant sapphire glass and titanium case ensures durability and a sleek finish.

But that’s not all – this watch features an ECG health trend analysis, providing valuable insights into heart health. Plus, with eSim cellular calling and standalone navigation, you can stay connected and navigate effortlessly without your phone by your side.

One standout feature of the watch is its battery life – just 15 minutes of charging will give you a full day’s worth of battery life. It is also compatible with both Android and iOS phones. 

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Courtesy: Casio

Look no further if you’re looking for a reliable and robust watch to accompany you on your adventures. With its triple-sensor technology, this watch can handle any outdoor situation. It can measure altitude, barometric pressure, and compass directions, ensuring you stay on track no matter where your exploration takes you. And the best part? Its battery is charged by solar technology, so you can forget about running out of power when you’re off the grid.

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Courtesy: Withings

If you’re a fashion-forward individual seeking a stylish and functional watch, the Withings Scanwatch is a worthy timepiece to invest in. This hybrid watch offers a 30-day battery reserve. 

Beyond just telling time, it scans vital parameters to detect and monitor heart health conditions, tracks your activity and offers personalized recommendations. 

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Courtesy: Garmin

Are you training for your next marathon or triathlon? The Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar smartwatch may be a reliable companion to enhance your running journey. It lets you plan and track your training sessions; provides a morning report and suggests personalized workouts to keep you on track. 

Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting, this watch will help you track your progress and reach your running milestones. The watch is also charged by solar power, allowing for 20 days of battery reserve. 

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Courtesy: Amazfit

Designed to brave the elements, the Amazfit T-rex Ultra offers a range of features. 

The watch boasts robust and accurate GPS tracking and offline map support, enabling you to explore remote areas sans WiFi. With over 160 sports modes, you’ll find the perfect setting for your preferred activity. From running to swimming to skiing, this watch tracks your performance and provides valuable data to help you improve. 

Moreover, importing route files into its Zepp application lets you follow your real-time movement, enhancing your navigation experience. 

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