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Five podcast series you must listen to ahead of COP27

Here are some environmental-centric listens for this weekend

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While leaders, climate activists, and experts are gearing up to open dialogues on climate change at the COP27 in Egypt, staying well-informed about the climate crisis has become imperative. Sustainability is no longer an option but a necessity for the survival of all living things. 

Along with general podcasts increasingly covering climate and a ramp-up of new series or limited series, here are some great environmental-centric listens you cannot miss. 

Sustainability Uncovered

This podcast is the evolution of edie’s long-running Sustainable Business Covered podcast. Whether a business leader or someone with a passion for all things green – this podcast caters to all. The first episode of the new and improved podcast features climate experts, indigenous activists, and green finance leaders speaking about the upcoming crucial COP27 climate talks. Check out the latest episode on Apple, SoundCloud, and Spotify

Climate Sense

Shedding light on the essentials of climate change and how to deal with it, Samantha Gross, director of the Energy Security and Climate Initiative at Brookings, talks to experts in various climate-related areas. The podcast explores vital touchpoints – from how serious climate change is and what causes it to why it is taking so long for the world to act on potential solutions. You can listen to this podcast on Apple and Spotify.

Catalyst with Shayle Kann

How cheap can clean energy get? Will artificial intelligence speed up climate solutions? Where is the smart money going into climate technologies? By asking these big questions, host Shayle Kann creates a dialogue on how to decarbonize the planet, and explains the climate tech world with prominent experts, investors, researchers, and executives. One of the latest episodes highlights the intersection of climate tech and bluetech, the range of technologies that touch the oceans and may prove invaluable to climate solutions. This podcast is available on both Apple and Spotify

Financing Nature: COP27 Special Podcast

Produced in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme and the Green Finance Institute, the five-episode series builds awareness about the urgent need for private finance in delivering nature-positive outcomes for climate mitigation and adaptation. Available on both Apple and Spotify, the podcast has already dropped four episodes and is gearing up to release the final episode on November 2.

Climate One

With empowering conversations, host Greg Dalton connects all aspects of this challenge — the scary and the exciting, the individual and the systemic. Earlier this month, the podcast series released a special episode on Apple and Spotify in which Egyptian Ambassador and Special Representative of the COP27 President, Wael Aboulmagd speaks about how Egypt plans to close the gap between promises and implementation.

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