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Here are some gift ideas for everyone on your list

From gadgets and home decor to trending innovative gifts, ensure your holiday surprises are thoughtful and on-trend.

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It’s that time of the year when wishlists see the light of day, and the joy of giving transforms us into our most generous selves. But as the task of selecting the perfect gifts for our loved ones unfolds, navigating the myriad options can be challenging. Fear not; we have a gift recommender designed to simplify selection.

From smart gadgets to sleek devices to home decor, where style meets comfort and unique finds transform living spaces into havens of warmth. This could be your guiding star this festive season.

Instax Pal 

Credit: Fujifilm

The Instax Pal by Fujifilm—is compact, circular, and app-connected makes for a perfect gift for kids and adults. It can capture vibrant photos printed with the Instax Mini Link 2, making it an ideal addition for photography enthusiasts or a delightful gadget for young shutterbug friends, available in five vibrant colors.

Available here for ​​$139 

Apple AirPods Max 

Credit: Apple

If you’ve gifted AirPods last season and are seeking something new for loved ones addicted to music, the Apple AirPods Max is a premium gift. We like the mint green ones. 

Available here for $533

Travel LED compact mirror 

Credit: Centrepoint

Looking for a cute stocking filler? This rechargeable mirror with LED lights is just the right find. 

Available here for $16

Ugg x Madhappy Classic Ultra Mini Boots in Suede

Credit: Ounass

For a cozy and stylish gift, consider UGGs – the epitome of comfort and warmth.

Available here for $320 

Faras Jewelry Box

Credit: Ounass

Adorned with a traditional Arabian horse on its surface, this jewelry box is a thoughtful gift that embodies cultural heritage. It’s velvet interior adds a charm of luxury.

Available here for $​​2475

Daily Buffalo Planner

Credit: Cotton On

Looking for a gift for a colleague? Typo’s annual journals are an option you can never go wrong with.

Available here for $8

Crystalline Swan Ballpoint Pen

Credit: Swarovksi

In true Swarovski style, this crystalline pen is the perfect stocking filler for any one into writing. 

Available here for $88

Glass table lamp


For friends with an eye for detail and a love for aesthetics, this lamp will surely bring a smile to their faces. 

Available here for $113

The Orient Express Train by Lego 

Credit: Lego

We all have that one friend, colleague or family member who cannot get enough of Lego; this 2,540-piece Orient Express Train will surely be a hit with anyone into literature, trains, travel, or history.

Available here for $394

Bookshelf speaker 

Credit: Ikea

Ikea’s bookshelf speaker is a thoughtful gadget for a perfect housewarming gift. It’s compact design and audio capabilities make it worth every penny. 

Available here for $175

Smart bottle by Apple 

Credit: Apple

A smart bottle that can keep water cool for 24 hours? Yes, please. What’s more, it glows to remind you to drink throughout the day. 

Available here for $79 

A warming pad 

Credit: Beurer

Beurer Menstrual Relax pad has adjustable heat functions that aid in pain relief. It’s a thoughtful gift we’d bet our money on. 

Available here for $87

Liquid stain remover

Credit: Tide

Know a clumsy personality? The Tide to Go portable instant stain remover is the perfect stocking filler for them. 

Available here for $14 

Snowman mini waffle maker

Credit: Crate and Barrel

This wintry waffle maker is the perfect addition to any kitchen during the holiday season. 

Available here for $9 

Ornament holiday ice mold 

Credit: Crate and Barrel

For all the festivities, a holiday ice mold just adds a perfect touch to all the cheers.

Available here for $22

Sleep Mask 

Credit: Laneige

Another stocking filler you must get your hands is the Laneige sleep mask.

 Available here for $35

Bougroug Bag

Credit: Bougroug

A classic one can never go wrong with a black bag for the go. 

Available here for $508 

Belkin wireless charger

Credit: Belkin

Busy bodies need a hardy charger. This is a thoughtful, useful gift that is sure to come in handy. 

Available here for $95

Google nest wire-free video doorbell 

Credit: Google

Upgrade your security at home with this wire-free video doorbell. It connects to an app, is waterproof, and is sure to keep you at ease if you have loved ones at home or are too lazy to get to the door. 

Available here for $235

Anker magnetic battery with pop sockets grip

Credit: Anker

Another thoughtful gift for anyone on the move. It doubles up as a charger and stand in one. It’s wireless, which makes it a very handy gift. 

Available here for $62

Boon Coffee 

Credit: Boon Coffee Roasters

If you’re really out of ideas, then coffee is a refreshing bet – that is – if the person you’re gifting to is a coffee addict. Boon coffee has a great range that is sure to add a touch of warmth this season. 

Available here for $10

Flavor burst dark chocolate box by Mirzam

Credit: Mirzam

It’s Christmas morning and you forgot a gift. Don’t sweat, a box of chocolates curated for the season is all you need, order it via FNP and they’ll deliver in under 60 minutes. 

Available here for $32

Puzzle set by Pazel 

Curated by a Lebanese designer, a puzzle set is a great bet for adults and kids alike. 

Available here for $50

Christmas cutlery set 

Credit: OC Home

Believe it or not, this Chrismassy cutlery set goes really well with pudding and chocolate mousse. Perfect for a homemaker. 

Available here for $5

Cake Dish 

Credit: Zara Home

A customized cake dish for the season of indulgent desserts is another piece worthy of gifting. 

Available here for $40 

Metal cheese markers

Credit: HnM

For the season when grazing boards earn their rightful place at the table, cheese markers help guests to figure what’s what. 

Available here for $16 

Spencer Bear 

Credit: MnS

Spread some festive cheer with a cuddly bear that will keep the receiver warm. 

Available here for $89

UNICEF Christmas cards 

Credit: Hallmark

Try these cards curated by Hallmark and UNICEF, which have helped secure the well-being of the world’s most vulnerable children. Since 2006, Hallmark has raised over $26 million to support children with health care, immunization, safe water, nutrition, education, emergency relief and more.

Available here for $12

Holiday collection box by Made51

Credit: Made51

This set of 24 ornaments comes packaged in a box from the MADE51 Holiday Collection, which is handcrafted by refugees and tells stories about the history, traditions, and journeys of the artisans—crafted by refugees from East Africa, Syria, Afghanistan, Mali, and Myanmar living in various locations around the world.
Available here for $258

Christmas sweater

Credit: Lefties

Spread some Christmas cheer with a knit fabric. Very in style and in season. 

Available here for $16

The Sero QLED 4K Smart TV

Credit: Samsung

Have someone really special you want to surprise? If they enjoy watching films in HD, then the Samsung Sero QLED 4K Smart TV is something new for them to try. 

Available here for $1599

Essential Oil Diffuser 

Credit:Aroma Tierra

If you’re out of ideas, don’t want to spend much, then the electric oil diffuser from Aroma Tierra is a pleasant addition to a home. 

Available here for $62

The Ritual Of Sakura gift set

Credit: Rituals

A box of pure goodness, the Ritual’s box of Sakura is a gift that will last long.

Available here for $74

Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream 

Credit: Aesop

A little something for the skincare addicts. 

Available here for $80

Olive Oil

Credit: Shop Palestine

Support a cause with this extra virgin olive oil, rain-fed and handpicked by Palestinian farmers in the West Bank. 

Available here for $25

Pasha de Cartier Edition 

Credit: Cartier

Gift the Cartier fragrance discovery set with festive decorations for you or your loved ones. This set contains a 100 ml Eau de Toilette, a 10 ml Purse Spray and a 100 ml Perfumed Shower Gel from the Pasha de Cartier Edition Noire collection.

Available here for $110 

One Million Elixir by Paco Rabanne 

Made of the dynamic blend of zesty grapefruit, sea salt freshness, aromatic bay leaf, and spicy cinnamon, this gift will keep them smelling good and smiling every time they use it.

Available here for $105 

Invictus by Paco Rabanne 

Credit: Paco Rabanne

This perfume captures a blend of grapefruit, sea notes, bay leaf, jasmine, guaiac wood, oakmoss, and patchouli. 

Available here for $86

The Ultimate Portable by Unagi 

Credit: Unagi

Looking to gift someone a set of wheels? The Unagi electric bikes are all you need for the ideal bike to get started.

Available here for $990

Dolce & Gabbana’s Blu Mediterraneo notebook 

Credit: Bloomingdales

A touch of class for someone who likes to keep a record of memorable moments, the D&G notebook has a stunning cover designed to judge it by the cover.

Available here for $95

Mont Blanc passport holder

Credit: Mont Blanc

Travel junkies will love this one. The Mont Blanc passport holder is hardy and designer for wear and tear.

Available here for $313

Musical Christmas tree snow globe


If you want to ring in with the season, a snow globe is sure to charm one and all. 

Available here for $40 

A tree 

Credit: Ikea

If you have a friend that lives in a compact apartment and doesn’t own a tree yet, this wooden tree would lift up spirits in no time, without taking up much space.

Available here for $34

Iben 3-Way Taper Candleholder 

Credit: Homecentre

Crafted from wood, this candle holder features a tapered style and a molded design. Easy to clean with a simple wipe, it is a charming choice for enhancing the overall ambiance of a living space.

Available here for $13

12 Days of Christmas plates

Credits: Crate and Barrel

Heard of the 12 Days of Christmas song? Imagine that in a cutlery set. This plate set is an invaluable collector’s item. 

Available here for $48

Sentimental frame ornament

Credit:Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn always has the cutest items. This picture frame ornament is customizable and a thoughtful present. 

Available here for $6


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DIY Wooden Dollhouse Miniature


The eager collector’s of all things miniature are sure to love this dollhouse. 

Available here for $49 

Tamagotchi digital pet toy

Credit: Geekay

For the 90s kids and kids of today, the Tamagotchi digital pet toy keeps you on your toes with all the upkeep but is a show stealer at any Christmas party.

Available here for $34

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