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These products deserve a spot in your workstation

Consider these valuable investments to ensure body pain becomes a thing of the past.

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We, well, most of us, slump at desks and then suffer the aches from having a poor workspace setup — stiff chair and the cramped laptop keyboard have all become a literal pain in the neck. 

This means you must ensure your neck isn’t contorted, your spine isn’t twisted, and you have a workstation to help you sit comfortably at a computer, even over long stints, whether working at the office or home, as this significantly impacts your productivity and overall well-being. 

The pandemic forced many to confront the consequences of poor working posture and discomfort. As a result, numerous ergonomic products gained immense popularity, and in hindsight, it’s clear why.

Here are some of our top picks for why these products deserve a prominent place among essential workplace tools, regardless of your location or work format.


Courtesy: Amazon

The Coccyx Pillow, designed for individuals facing extended work hours, relieves discomfort in the tailbone. This pillow is usually crafted in a V or wedge shape to provide optimal orthopedic support, diminishing pressure on the spine. It’s also good for anyone who spends extended hours stuck in traffic.

Available for $29 on Amazon.


Courtesy: Logitech

The MX Vertical, a $100 mouse by Logitech, was developed over 18 months but is not the first ergonomic mouse in the world. It stands out as the first product designed to be positioned vertically on a desk. It can balance comfort, user-friendliness, and a sculptural design, making using a healthier mouse appealing.

Available for $80 on Amazon.


Courtesy: Amazon

Crafted from orthopedic-grade memory foam, this under-desk foot cushion is designed to mold your feet, offering support that extends upwards through the legs, hips, and back.

Available for $43 on Amazon.


Courtesy: Logitech

The Logitech ERGO K860 is a contoured typing tool tailored to your body’s natural posture. Its inaugural keyboard features a split design, ensuring that your left-hand keys are on the left side and your right-hand keys are on the right. This ergonomic configuration provides a cushioned surface for wrist support. 

Available for $59 on Amazon.


Courtesy: Ergodriven

This ergonomic accessory, dubbed the “anti-fatigue mat” for standing desks, alleviates discomfort for those who have transitioned to chair-less workstations. It features a topography that accommodates various standing positions, relieving tired feet.

Available for $99 on Amazon.

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