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Top 10 men’s fragrances to try in 2024

A mix of floral and woody fragrances are taking male fragrances to another level of confidence.

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Countless men and women consider perfume an integral, if invisible, part of their personal style. So, searching for the best perfume and not being overpowered by scent is daunting, especially for men.

While variety may be the spice of life, strong scents of citrus, oud, leather, and amber wood, embodying the majority of male perfumery, can be quite intense for the senses. It’s important to have your own scent identity.

After all, owning fragrances that suit you is a form of self-care, with every spritz providing confidence and a fresh sensation.

Fast Company Middle East’s Top 10 picks sweet and spicy perfumes to help you find a fragrance that ticks all your boxes.

Invictus Victory – Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne’s Invictus Victory leaves one feeling fresh and sensual at the same time. With notes of lemon, tonka bean, and vanilla, the fragrance is long-lasting and powerful.

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Invictus Phantom – Paco Rabanne

This scent will leave you feeling confident as it smells of creamy lavender zesty lemon, only to finish off with a woody vanilla for its base note.

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One Million Golden Oud – Paco Rabanne

Made to evoke a sense of refined expression for men, the notes involve intense scents of nutmeg, saffron, black pepper and bergamot as top notes, iris, gurjun balsam, cedarwood and labdanum at the heart, and base notes of agarwood, oud, leather, sandalwood and patchouli.

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Habit Rouge – Guerlain

Embracing woody and leather notes, Habit Rouge brings out a French influence of sophistication and passion. The scent is also paired with neroli, jasmine, vanilla, and patchouli notes.

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Y Le Parfum – YSL

It is the brand’s new spin on the iconic signature of the Y franchise, with a stronger comeback of the fougère family. The fragrance combines the vibrant lavender against black cedarwood, incense accord, and geranium absolute.

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Santal 33 Eau de Parfum – Le Labo

This scent takes inspiration from the great American West, including an infusion of cardamom, iris, and violet that blend in the formula to bring spicy, leathery, musky notes to the smoking wood alloy.

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Black Tie Eau de Parfum – Celine

This unique fragrance involves a combination of white orris butter, cedar, tree moss, vanilla, and musk notes. This scent is sweet, smoky, and woody and provides a balanced, sophisticated smell. 

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Myslf Eau de Parfum – YSL

It begins with a fresh and vibrant accord made of bergamot heart, goes into an orange blossom scent, and, at last, a sensual woody note made from patchouli and ambrofix. The perfume is meant to bring out one’s most sensual self.

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Myrrhe Mystère Eau de Parfum – Tom Ford 

Coming from the amber woody family of fragrances, Tom Ford’s Myrrhe Mystère combines a duo of powerful myrrh essences, sandalwood, and an exquisite ultra-vanille accord.

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Elixir Eau De Parfum – Hugo Boss

This perfume features warm incense and cardamom top notes, an enticing vetiver and patchouli heart and a base of cedarwood essence. The notes emit vibrancy and warmth.

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