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Trying to be mindful? These 5 apps can help you achieve zen focus

Tackling stress, staying focused, and sleeping better—all contribute to a happier and more productive work day.

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We can’t seem to get enough self-improvement and “life hacks” advice. But it’s worth a try; none of us are immune to trying things to increase our success.

In a post-pandemic world, where most of the workforce is back in the office, handling deadline stress while remaining focused and productive throughout the day has become a real challenge. Being mindful can surely help in this scenario.

The practice of mindfulness has been used for ages to calm the mind. It employs techniques like guided visualization and focused breathing to train your mind to be more attentive. These five apps can help you tackle stress, stay focused, and even sleep better— all contribute to a happier and more productive work day. 


Headspace is a great start for those who are new to mindfulness apps. Various guided meditations are available on the app to aid with brain relaxation. This app helps to unwind, fall asleep, or boost productivity at work with the right guided practice. The result? Less stress, undivided focus, and effective teamwork. It is available for both Apple and Android users. 


Imagine Stephen Fry and Matthew McConaughey guiding you toward mindfulness. What could be better than that? This nifty app—endorsed by celebrities—provides daily calm sessions that might assist you in relaxing, unwinding, and refocusing your attention. It also includes natural soothing sounds to calm your mind – a feature beneficial for those working in crowded and noisy cubicles. Users of Apple and Android devices can download the app and get a free one-week trial.


Even when life is moving quickly, and there isn’t time to slow down, this useful app offers quick five-minute guided meditations to help you unwind and find some concentration between your meetings. Brief sessions—created for typical everyday issues—make up most of the app’s content and are ideal for all eager beavers. One noteworthy feature is its On-the-Go capability, enabling users to instantly transition from an anxious to a relaxed state of mind. Available for both Apple and Android users, the app comes with a free seven-day trial.


The Arabic meditation app Tawazon, which means balancing, is similar to Calm and provides what it describes as “scientifically proven” and guided meditations in Arabic. With short and daily guided meditations, psychologists’ podcasts, and neuroscientists’ music, this wellness app improves attention and reduces stress and anxiety for a productive day at work. Tawazon is available for both Apple and Android users. 


UAE-based platform Shala Online has introduced yoga and meditation as holistic wellness solutions. The Middle East’s first yoga and AI-based meditation app streams online classes in Arabic and English. The program includes courses for dealing with back problems and improving posture, along with a bot answering your mental health-related questions. It can be downloaded from the official website

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