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‘Monk mode’ is the ‘new’ productivity trend that promises to improve your attention span

Here are a few tips for how you can implement monk mode into your work and your life.

‘Monk mode’ is the ‘new’ productivity trend that promises to improve your attention span
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“Monk mode” is a “new” productivity trend that promises to help with an increasingly common scenario: Surrounded by a sea of screens, you’re caught in a whirlwind of distractions. Slack’s knock-knock fills you with dread. Your inbox overflows with unread emails. You frantically task-switch as your productivity crumbles under the weight of digital chaos.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone. Between incessant notifications and our bias for short-form entertainment, many of us feel our attention spans are getting shorter. Fortunately, there are steps we can take to increase our ability to focus. One trick is something that social media users call “monk mode,” and I believe it may be able to serve as a tool to fight off this curse of the TikTok brain.

Monk mode is a productivity approach inspired by the disciplined lifestyle of monks. Its origins trace back to the secluded monastic life, where monks dedicate themselves to deep reflection, meditation, and study. In today’s fast-paced world, monk mode has been adapted as a strategy to help individuals reclaim their focus and mental clarity amid constant distractions.

Proponents argue that by channeling the same principles that guided monks of various faiths for centuries—mindfulness, minimalism, and a dedication to purposeful work—monk mode empowers individuals to break free from the digital noise and rediscover their ability to concentrate on what truly matters. Supporters say it is a transformative approach that encourages people to step back from the chaos of modern life and cultivate a more meaningful relationship with their work and themselves.

Simply put, monk mode is committing to a goal without distractions. Monk mode is giving yourself the permission to ignore everything but the task you’ve chosen to single-mindedly pursue. Here’s how you can implement it into your work and your life:


As a founder, angel investor, and startup adviser, I have found that dedicating the first few hours of each morning to monk mode can help you create a powerful foundation for the day, allowing you to tackle your most important tasks with renewed focus and energy.

I cherish my mornings as a sacred time of peace and purpose. This quiet atmosphere is perfectly paired with a warm cup of coffee, providing me the energy to set the momentum for a productive day.

So, as you take that first sip of your morning coffee, I recommend that you embrace the serenity and seize the opportunity to enter monk mode: Dedicate this precious time to deep, uninterrupted work, far from the grasp of buzzing phones and overflowing inboxes, capitalizing on your heightened energy levels and reaping the rewards of accomplishing meaningful tasks early in the day.

Here are some tactics to implement monk mode into your mornings:

  • Block off time on your calendar for uninterrupted work
  • Clear your work space
  • Use noise-canceling headphones or white noise to block distractions
  • Commit to not checking any notifications
  • Set a timer and silence your phone


In the high-pressure world of entrepreneurship, founders and CEOs face a unique set of challenges that require unwavering focus and commitment. By integrating monk mode into their daily routines, I believe leaders can unlock new levels of productivity, creativity, and mental clarity.

Here’s how I recommend workers, executives, and entrepreneurs implement monk mode mornings:

  • Dedicate time for deep work: Scheduling monk mode mornings and treating them as nonnegotiable appointments ensures you have dedicated time to work on your most critical tasks without interruption.
  • Prioritize strategic decision-making: Use the uninterrupted time in monk mode to analyze data, set goals, and make informed decisions that will impact your company’s growth and direction.
  • Make space for creative problem-solving: Allow yourself the mental space to brainstorm innovative solutions for challenges faced by your organization, without the pressure of constant distractions.
  • Hone leadership skills: Dedicate time during monk mode mornings to study leadership principles, read about successful entrepreneurs, or reflect on feedback from team members to continually grow as an effective leader.
  • Visualize long term: Take advantage of the quiet early hours to envision the future of your company and outline strategic plans for expansion, partnerships, or product development.
  • Consider delegation: Combine the peace of monk mode with the Eisenhower Matrix to delegate your tasks and reach inbox zero, clearing up your time for more important tasks.

In the age of endless distractions, monk mode mornings offer a much-needed respite to reclaim focus and productivity. I believe that by embracing the focus of monks, we can regain control over our lives and build healthier work habits. As you rise each day, remember that your time is sacred—protect it fiercely and harness the power of monk mode to conquer the TikTok brain once and for all.

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Aakash Shah is the founder and CEO of Wyndly, the host of Founders and Builders, an angel investor, a startup advisor, and a community builder. More

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