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POV: Why Monday is actually the best day to work in the office

Vineet Jain argues that the best antidote to the Sunday scaries is to make in-office Mondays merry.

POV: Why Monday is actually the best day to work in the office
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As workplaces transition to hybrid work schedules, many have chosen to work remotely on Mondays. I think this is a mistake.

Indeed, I believe the best day to work from the office is Monday.

From work-life balance to team productivity, here’s why Monday is the most important day to be in the office.


For many, remote work has made their Sunday scaries worse and made them dread Mondays more than ever. Without a physical commute, remote employees can face a tough mental block as they transition from personal life to a work mindset on Mondays. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is negatively impacting employee engagement and productivity at many organizations.

It’s time to put this chapter of work to bed by encouraging workers to get the most out of their Mondays. That is why I strongly believe the best antidote to the Sunday scaries is to make in-office Mondays merry. Fortunately, there are many ways you can make your Mondays more productive.


Regular commuters are painstakingly familiar with midweek congestion, while Mondays and Fridays remain relatively quiet on the roads and transit lines. On the surface, this pattern makes sense. No one wants to worsen their Sunday scaries by thinking about Monday’s commute, and Fridays are often viewed as a gateway to the weekend.

When examining it from a more critical lens, you realize avoiding the Monday commute can come at the cost of productivity and engagement. Have you ever heard of the Monday blues? When employees approach their Mondays with little urgency and limited connection with others at home, it inadvertently leads to a lack of momentum and enthusiasm toward work. I noticed this trend when my company, Egnyte, was fully remote.

When the work week begins at home, the first few hours of Monday may slip away as employees sleep in, work out, prepare breakfast, and find themselves lost in a sea of asynchronous messages with coworkers, discussing weekly priorities, to-dos, and next steps. While employees can and should enjoy some degree of flexibility and personal allowances—after all, personal wellness translates to a happier and more productive workforce—this lackadaisical approach can quickly become problematic.

At their worst, Mondays at home can create a pattern of lethargy and work-related dread, which can negatively impact employees’ overall performance and job satisfaction.


However, at their best, Mondays can be the perfect time to improve productivity and collaboration.

In-person connections among colleagues are the lifeblood of a thriving business and, hence, a must for workplaces. And these connections start on Monday. A fresh in-office transition is prime time to reclaim what we traditionally think of as “the worst day of the week.” Starting the week in the office allows you to set a new tone and transform productivity on the day we had all come to dread. It might be an unpopular opinion, but trust me, your employees will come to appreciate it in time.

Transitioning to an in-office Monday sets a powerful tone for the week, ensuring employees kickstart the week ahead with energy and purpose. When together in person, employees can quickly switch to work mode and collaboratively shape the agenda for the week ahead. Additionally, in-office Mondays discourage the tendency to sandwich the weekends with personal plans and help individuals avoid the distractions of home. This change can significantly enhance productivity and foster a more positive work environment.


The workweek as we knew it changed during the pandemic. As in-office transitions begin again, redefining Mondays is an opportunity we can’t miss.

In-person work has the power to foster engagement, dismantle silos, and stimulate collaboration and creativity. These connections are equally critical for individual employees, contributing to mentorship relationships, skill development, and a strong professional network. By initiating this transition now, you’ll be well-prepared to reap the benefits of a more productive and engaged workforce.

The question is: Are you ready to ditch the Monday blues and build better workforce habits?

Vineet Jain is the cofounder and CEO of Egnyte.

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Vineet Jain is the cofounder and CEO of Egnyte. More

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