June 6, 2023 - Theatre of Digital Art, Dubai

At Fast Company Middle East, we believe in the power of debate and discussions to activate change.

FC Roundtable is an industry roundtable of prominent voices who assemble for a frank discussion on the industry's future. Our speakers don’t just recite vision statements or talking points; they talk about real challenges and solutions that will impact the industry.

Join us for the forthcoming edition discussing the Creative Economy. The creative and cultural industries (CCI) significantly contribute to the region’s economy. Hear prominent voices of the creative economy, producers, and policymakers discuss the future of this industry.

Creative Roundtable Speakers

Content Creator
Associate Vice President of Consumer Advocacy, Dubai Economy & Tourism
General Manager Of Operations And Marketing - Middle East, Turkey, Africa And Pakistan, Tiktok
Content Creator
Publisher, Fast Company Middle East
Director, in5
Head of Global Business Solutions - Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa & Central Asia - TikTok
Content Creator