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Generative AI is changing everything. Are UAE businesses ready?

According to the data, 83% of UAE businesses are ready to integrate generative AI

Generative AI is changing everything. Are UAE businesses ready?
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

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Generative AI is undoubtedly capturing the collective imagination about its applications and impacts. And one thing is beyond contest: there are real, powerful Generative AI applications for digital customer experience. According to a study by Coursera and YouGov, 83% of UAE businesses are ready to utilize generative AI in their operations.

The study, which looked at perceptions of generative AI and its impact on businesses and the workforce, revealed that 82% of businesses have already implemented it for their existing offerings, with 51% stating extensive implementation covering all functions.

The study showed that 85% of business leaders believe generative AI will reshape their customer offerings or business operations in the next three years.

It also showed that 91% of the participants believe AI is crucial for business and economic growth in the region.

“The remarkable implementation of generative AI and UAE companies’ commitment to embracing this transformative technology highlight the nation’s successful investment in shaping the future,” said Kais Zribi, General Manager for the Middle East and Africa at Coursera. “This strategic move aligns with ongoing digital transformation efforts, unlocking unprecedented efficiency and productivity for the workforce.”

The survey also indicated concerns about job displacement and data privacy breaches. Job displacement (55%), data privacy and security (49%), and lack of transparency in decision-making (43%) were flagged as top risks of implementing AI in operational functions.

It further revealed that 50% of business leaders believe generative AI will call for new skills for the workforce.

The data emphasized the importance of continuous learning for employees and job seekers and proactively adapting to evolving demands of the modern workplace, Zribi added.

However, 87% of survey respondents think new employees should possess AI skills. In fact, two in three surveyed companies planned to use online training to upskill their employees and bridge the skills gap.

The UAE continues to establish its status as a leader in the AI market. Last month, Dubai launched the Dubai Centre for Artificial Intelligence, which will train 1,000 employees on the use of artificial intelligence and develop dozens of pilot projects and improve government services.

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