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The second edition of the Green Goals Summit will be held in Abu Dhabi in September

The second edition will accelerate discussions and solutions to mitigate climate change.

The second edition of the Green Goals Summit will be held in Abu Dhabi in September
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Climate change and sustainability are now paramount concerns as the planet faces increasing environmental risks. In this global movement, Fast Company Middle East is dedicated to bringing together the brightest minds from various industries to discuss and address the most pressing sustainability and climate change issues and promote knowledge-sharing and innovation in addressing the challenges.

In May, at the inaugural Green Goals Summit hosted by Fast Company Middle East in Dubai, sustainability leaders, experts, and innovators debated and discussed financing the transition to a net-zero carbon future, the role of a circular economy, and the critical role of leadership in turning sustainability goals into tangible actions.

“Unfortunately, we are not ‘on track’ for net zero. We are not on the path to limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees by 2050. We are already at 1.3 degrees and will cross 2.3 degrees by 2050 if we continue like this,” said Shargiil Bashir, Executive Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer of First Abu Dhabi Bank Official, who candidly depicted progress toward achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 during panel discussions. 

Understanding the significance of actively involving the youth in meaningful dialogues to cultivate innovative solutions, Hanan Al Yafei, Executive Director of the Responsible Investing Unit at Mubadala, said, “There is a sense of urgency that the next generation is feeling, driving many conversions. The more we engage with the next generation in these conversations, the better the outcomes. They are pushing for solutions that might not be something we would have considered a few years ago,” 


The first edition served as a dynamic platform for engaging in in-depth discussions,  fostering a sense of empowerment and motivation to make a difference through collective action.

The second edition, scheduled in Abu Dhabi on September 12, aims to take these crucial conversations forward on translating sustainability goals into concrete actions to accelerate solutions to mitigate climate change. 

The second edition will discuss bridging long-term sustainability goals with immediate action, emphasizing transformative climate technologies,  how companies can align profitability with positive social impact and environmental stewardship, and the urgency of the energy transition.

With the participation of over 200 business and government leaders, policymakers, investors, and inventors, the Green Goals Summit serves as a catalyst for raising awareness about promising ideas. The summit not only expands the reach of these ideas but also inspires more individuals to solve the challenges that affect us all.

To attend the Green Goals Summit, click here to register.

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