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The second edition of Green Goals Summit to focus on immediate solutions for a resilient future

The next edition of Green Goals will see influential leaders and sustainability experts sharing insights on the best practices and opportunities

The second edition of Green Goals Summit to focus on immediate solutions for a resilient future
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The second edition of the Green Goals Summit will be held in Dubai on November 2. Click here to register.

Fast Company Middle East’s second edition of the Green Goals Summit will spotlight immediate solutions to mitigate climate challenges. On November 2, 2023, at the Museum of the Future, UAE, this summit will foster meaningful dialogue promoting international cooperation to address global environmental concerns.

The summit has an impressive lineup of speakers, including Mageed Yahia, Director, WFP UAE & Representative to the GCC Region; Andrei Covatariu, Co-Chair – Digitalization in Energy Task Force, Vice-Chair – Group of Experts on Energy Efficiency, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe; Ryan Lefers, CEO and Co-founder of RedSea Farms; Manal Hassan, Chief Sustainability Officer, Elsewedy Electric; Faisal Falaknaz, Acting Group Chief Financial & Sustainability Officer, Aldar; Dr Abdullah Belhaif Al Nuaimi, Former UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment; Sky Kurtz, Founder & CEO, Pure Harvest Smart Farms; Khuloud Hasan Al Nuwais, Chief Sustainability Officer & Secretary General, ne’ma National Steering Committee Emirates Foundation; Dimitra Theodoropulos, Director Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility, Talabat; Saood Al Noori Head of Diplomatic Engagement, Office of the UAE Special Envoy for Climate Change, and more.

The second edition of the Green Goals Summit aims to bring in youth perspectives on addressing the real and immediate threat of climate change with innovative solutions.

Climate champion Ilyess El Kortbi, who will also speak at the summit, says, “Youth is not just the future; we’re the now. We bring the immediacy of the crisis in climate discussions. At the Green Goals summit, I plan to emphasize the power of renewable technologies.”

El Kortbi stressed that the climate crisis goes beyond numbers; it’s a reality for many worldwide, from heat waves and floods to conflicts driven by resource scarcity. “We can turn the tide on climate change.”

The summit’s agenda is designed to tackle pressing environmental challenges head-on. As business leaders set ambitious sustainability goals for the future, the panel Power of Now: Uniting for Immediate Impact will explore actionable strategies to bridge the gap between long-term aspirations and present-day actions.

Another speaker, Sally Rehani, Project Developer at Emirates Foundation for Youth Development, says she will raise a clarion call for the pressing concern of food waste. She will highlight how improved storage and transportation, better consumer education, and efficient food recovery systems can significantly reduce food waste, conserve resources, enhance food security, and minimize environmental impact.

The panel on Climate Tech Transformation: Driving Innovation for a Resilient Future will be a key highlight of the summit. This discussion will delve into the critical role of technology in addressing the multifaceted dimensions of the climate crisis. By exploring groundbreaking innovations in renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, transportation, and urban planning, the panelists will discuss ways for a more resilient and sustainable future.

Another summit focus is aligning profitability with positive social impact and environmental preservation. The panel Bottomline Effect: Profit, Purpose, and Planet in Unison will showcase how businesses can successfully achieve profitability while contributing to society and safeguarding the environment.

Furthermore, the summit will highlight the role of the next generation of leaders in driving sustainability forward. The Sustainable Succession: Pioneering a Greener Tomorrow panel will bring together influential voices and young leaders actively promoting sustainability in their industries.
This is not all. The summit will also address the crucial need for transitioning to renewable energy in Fueling Change: The Urgency of Energy Transition panel, as the energy shift offers an opportunity to reshape economic development models. Delving into the scalability of renewable energy resources, the panel will emphasize the significance of stakeholder collaboration in achieving a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.

As the anticipation builds for the summit, a highlight of the event will be launching a pioneering sustainability survey. This comprehensive survey aims to find valuable insights, data, and strategies on how businesses’ attitudes and behaviors around sustainability are changing to accelerate sustainable practices across various sectors.

With a focus on immediate action, technology-driven innovation, profitability with a purpose, empowering future leaders, and transitioning to renewable energy, this summit, to be attended by over 200 sustainability leaders, aims to propel the world closer to a more sustainable and resilient future.

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