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Grocery is hard. This Arabic-speaking ChatGPT wants to help you

Egyptian grocery delivery app RabbitMart launches AI-powered shopping assistant

Grocery is hard. This Arabic-speaking ChatGPT wants to help you
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As ChatGPT continues to dazzle the world, the Middle East has a new utilization for the nifty chatbot – ordering groceries in Arabic.

Egyptian grocery delivery app RabbitMart has announced that its latest feature is an AI-powered shopping assistant.

Using ChatGPT’s language model and the app’s AI infrastructure, the Arabic-speaking AI-powered assistant will offer a recipe based on user requirements and nutritional information and order the ingredients.

With Rabbit AI, users can get help finding a specific product, track their calorie intake, and more. The app can even provide meal inspirations based on the user’s preferences and dietary restrictions, step-by-step recipes, and suggestions for the required ingredients.

Louay Ali, Product Manager of RabbitMart, expressed his excitement about the launch, stating, “Artificial intelligence has been incredibly transformative for many industries, including e-commerce. Technologies like Rabbit AI represent a significant leap forward and a glimpse into the future of retail.”

He added, “We are particularly proud to be the first to bring ChatGPT’s powerful capabilities to Arabic-speaking and Egyptian users.”

Launched in 2021 in Cairo, Egypt, the startup raised $11 million in its pre-seed round with investors Hub71, Goodwater Capital, Global Founders Capital, MSA Novo, Foundation Ventures, and Raed Ventures.

In April of this year, the artificial intelligence company OpenAI announced that it’s gradually rolling out plugins for the chatbot. The first wave of plugins, available to select ChatGPT users and developers, allow ChatGPT to tap new live data sources from the web, including third-party sources such as Expedia, Kayak, and Instacart, further empowering ChatGPT.

Previously, ChatGPT was restricted to drawing information from its training data, which ran until 2021.

In May, Germany-headquartered Delivery Hero and MENA-based Talabat launched its Talabat AI, a shopping assistant enabling customers to order through its grocery delivery service. The feature is available to UAE-based Talabat pro subscribers, with a rollout in Kuwait and other markets to follow throughout the year.

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