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Climate change is blowing down houses. This could save them What will the metaverse actually look like in 5 years? This studio may have cracked it 6 ways Apple updated iOS to be ready for a mixed reality metaverse How brands like Nike and Prada are using NFTs—and why it could go terribly wrong Why this see-through factory was built in the middle of a forest With glass buried under ice, Microsoft plans to preserve music for 10,000 years Roads need sunscreen too: Adding old tires to roads could help them last twice as long Welcome to Meta’s weird advertising war with Apple—the musical The Qatar World Cup mascot design is inspired by…a piece of traditional Arab attire Inside the dissolution of Apple’s legacy design team How the travel industry uses scents to improve your vacation—and entice you to return A 250 million-year-old insect could inspire an ultrathin wallpaper that absorbs sound Can AI lead the way in monitoring and managing carbon emissions in the Middle East? Can green construction in the Middle East be a viable attempt to save the planet? Pleased to meat you: How Middle East’s burger brands are innovating a timeless classic He quit Google to work on climate change. Now, he’s helping others do the same thing How much could renewable sources like solar and thermal shape our future energy needs? Can live shows fire the Middle East’s post-pandemic economic recovery? In the desert, these sprawling greenhouses help decarbonize heavy industry In the write direction: The big business of books in the UAE Is Buy Now, Pay Later changing how consumers behave? These platforms are counting on that Long hours, low pay: Are we taking delivery boys for a ride in the Middle East? These are the five books Bill Gates says you should read this summer Here’s how Patrick Chalhoub wants to shape the luxury and the beauty industry in the Middle East Porsche IPO: Stock will trade separately as Volkswagen takes the luxury car brand public Solid-state batteries could be key for EVs—and they’re making a leap toward mass production Many CEOs are now making 670 times more than their company’s median-wage workers More than 700 of the world’s largest public companies have net zero goals. Are they greenwashing? Big tech needs local talent. Here’s how they are creating it in the Middle East Eco-friendly tech isn’t enough for the environment. We need to cut energy demand, too Green weddings are catching on in the Middle East. But is it still a niche? How washing your clothes with cold water could help save carbon emissions and ocean pollution Embrace digitalization and the potential of digital trade, says Thani Al Zeyoudi What is balanced tourism? This country in the Middle East is finding out Cosmic dust from Venus is inspiring new air-pollution-busting technology Can AI lead the way in monitoring and managing carbon emissions in the Middle East? How this homegrown UAE shipyard is reimagining drone technology What’s it really like inside a cloud kitchen in the UAE? We find out Majid Al Futtaim teams up with Binance on NFT and crypto payments Government buildings in Abu Dhabi to install energy-saving tech Digital Government Authority in KSA launches a new program to integrate digital services TECOM launches new workspace solutions in Dubai to drive entrepreneurship Dubai establishes a council to enhance its status as a media hub Saudi Arabia is planning to build world’s tallest buildings at NEOM Emirates to keep 150 million plastic items out of landfills in 2022 Disney+ to roll out streaming services across 16 countries in the Middle East Fast Company Middle East launches Impact Council; AI sub-committee announced in partnership with BCG DIFC collaborates with US institutions to cement Dubai's global financial hub status Qatar residents get eviction notices to accommodate football fans during World Cup 2022 Sustainability is a top priority for more than half of CEOs in the Middle East and Africa Arab youth to fuel growth of creative economy in the MENA region Saudi Arabia to spend $1 billion a year in treatments to slow down aging Dubai to offer 12.5% stake in TECOM Group IPO Dubai Can initiative reduces plastic bottle usage by a million in 100 days G42 and e& join forces to turn Khazna into Middle East’s largest data center provider Comedian Mina Liccione to create an immersive experience at Dubai’s Theatre of Digital Art Wizz Air and Airbus collaborate to create hydrogen-powered aircraft Abu Dhabi women to get free crypto domains for higher participation in the Web3 ecosystem Startup accelerator Hub71 joins AIQ to develop AI for the energy sector TotalEnergies wins stake in Qatar's giant gas expansion Siemens to install high-powered EV charging corridor across UAE Students showcase innovative tech including fingerprint authenticators for ATMs in Abu Dhabi The stellar lineup of performers at the Most Creative People in Business gala night EV enterprise NWTN to establish manufacturing base in Dubai Qatar expects 34-36 million air passengers in 2022 Careem’s super app adds ‘donation tile’ to give back to important causes in the Middle East Most Creative People in Business trophy will reflect the lasting legacy of innovation Tier Mobility introduces e-scooter and e-bikes to Saudi Arabia Esports organizer Calyx joins Riot Games to host Intel Arab Cup A new library in Dubai is the Middle East’s first to use AI and robots Demand for cybersecurity among Middle Eastern businesses boosts Kaspersky's sales by 24% Dubai ranks first in Middle East as leading tech ecosystem Saudi reserve Harrat Uwayrid joins UNESCO environment program TAQA Arabia and Kyndryl to modernize energy distribution in Egypt Dubai rolls out third cohort of Future Experts Programme UAE to enhance rainfall using AI model for cloud seeding Qatar Airways records $1.5 billion profits ahead of World Cup Researchers to deploy drone technology to tackle drought in Jordan AI university in Abu Dhabi introduces training program for industry leaders Saudi Arabia’s Alhokair family buys stake in Egyptian BNPL platform valU Cisco introduces new security cloud strategy in the Middle East AI technology to provide $320 billion boost to MENA’s economy Dubai gets its first-ever Michelin Guide. These 11 restaurants got the shining Michelin star UAE to transform its industrial sector into a global manufacturing hub Lebanon to build new $70 million airport terminal MoIAT, EDB, and Edge Group to boost defense manufacturing Abu Dhabi-based firms invest $50 billion in Elon Musk’s SpaceX to boost space exploration Saudi Arabia to increase the number of fintech firms in the kingdom by 2025 UAE-based Bedu promotes digital art with its second curated art drop These are the Most Creative People in Business, in the Middle East Binance teams up with Christiano Ronaldo for an exclusive NFT collection Make it in Emirates forum a success with 32 industrial partnership agreements What happened at the Most Creative People in Business gala night? Find out here KAUST to deploy autonomous underwater vehicles in the Red Sea Mariam Almheiri outlines actions to address global food crisis at Berlin conference Qatar’s HBKU develops AI-backed system to detect heart diseases at an early stage Nominations for the Most Innovative Companies in the Middle East list are now open NEOM and McLaren Racing partner to bolster future of mobility RAK Hospital gets NGS technology for ancestry testing in the UAE Huawei to launch largest tech center in Saudi Arabia UAE-based firm joins initiative to develop world’s most energy-efficient air conditioners QatarEnergy pledges to eliminate methane emissions by 2030 Kaspersky launches hub for anti-stalkerware tool TinyCheck Global digital marketing firm Incubeta acquires Bruce Clay to enter the Middle East Dubai RTA and Museum of the Future to showcase smart mobility Disney withdraws exclusive Disney+ streaming deal with Israel's YES Gamers8 and Spotify partner for Saudi Arabia’s first live international esports season 7 best anti-aging skin care products you must try out Why do we have to wait so long for a COVID-fighting nasal spray? Yes, buying an electric car will save you money . . . in the long run Digital health has failed, but that doesn’t mean the future is hopeless Sheryl Sandberg steps down from Facebook-parent Meta, leaving behind a mixed legacy This could be the one job where AI and robots can’t replace humans ‘If we grow Reddit, we are going to make the world a better place’ NASA’s Capstone mission will test-drive Gateway’s lunar orbit Why it’s never too late to pivot your career (and how to do it) Cybercriminals in the Middle East are leveraging the best of tech tools. Can they be stopped? Why so many tech whistleblowers are women A Google Cloud employee set a new record calculating the 100 trillionth digit of pi This game designer predicted COVID 10 years ago. Here’s what’s coming next The once-hot startups in the Middle East are firing staff. What went wrong? This psychiatrist decodes what your text messages mean. Here’s what you’re missing A social work researcher explains why apps are turning people on to therapy Is digital trade changing the concept of business in the Middle East? Bitcoin falls to fresh lows as crypto crashes on ‘Black Monday’: Here are 3 reasons why We are fully dependent on the internet—and that’s changing our brains (and everything else) The $8 billion crypto unicorn that crypto loves to hate Here's how surgeons in the Middle East are collaborating to rehearse procedures in the metaverse This AI can produce stunning images with just a few words of description, but is it art? Crypto’s bloodbath proves why Bitcoin is not ‘digital gold’ 11 of the best technology books for summer 2022 Robots guided by computer vision to transform manufacturing and retail in the Middle East The Middle East steps into the global VC spotlight Facebook’s ‘TikTok pivot’ is unlikely to win back young users 'We want to see more Anghamis in the Middle East,' says MEVP An anthropologist explains why we need a universal language when talking about the metaverse How AstroAccess plans to make space more accessible AI can hurt worker morale when managers don’t have these specific skills The Middle East femtech industry is worth $3.8 billion. But what is holding investors back? We could be using facial authentication for a whole lot more than unlocking our phones Google’s AI spotlights a human cognitive glitch: mistaking fluent speech for fluent thought Inside the good, bad, and very ugly of social media algorithms This tech tool can actually help you read and learn more Patrick Chalhoub on his passion for art, culture and retro-futurism "We want to see more Anghamis in the Middle East" say MEVP investors Why more businesses are considering ending the 40-hour workweek This could be the root cause of employees’ low engagement, according to neuroscience 3 simple strategies to motivate yourself to get something done Managers, these are the 3 key people skills you need to succeed Feeling forgetful? Here are 5 easy ways to improve your memory according to science Being a good leader means nothing without investing in yourself. Here’s how This creative exercise turns disorganized thoughts into gold This CEO bought into the ‘Big Lie’ of corporate feminism for years. Here’s what she learned 88 studies of power poses reveal whether they work or not How to nail that job interview with this ultimate guide to writing the perfect thank you note (with templates) 6 ways to make meetings more inclusive for introverts Does being nice hurt your career? Not all work tasks are created equal. Here’s how to put a stop to dead-end work The high-functioning leader’s new favorite four-letter word How to stand out from a sea of job candidates The ultimate guide to purposeful productivity (your mental health will thank you) The business case for humor at the workplace. Is the Middle East open to laughs? How to deal with stress while working in a demanding industry How to teach yourself to be more confident