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These visually striking films will help you rediscover the wonder of nature A bold new design journal is upending the status quo: ‘Design should feel more like jazz’ McKinsey report: Designers are critical to business performance, but there’s a big catch The next frontier in branding? Logos you can see from space Social media is a toxic cesspool. This new app takes a different approach This simple interior design trick will make your skin glow (no, it’s not a ring light) Now is the best time to ditch the disposable cup for good in the Middle East. Here's why AI adds smart dimension to Arab art, but are collectors happy? This children’s book about design should be required reading for CEOs Inside the lucrative business of a metaverse landlord, where monthly rent can hit $60,000 per property A designer and a NASA scientist team up to fight a $244 billion problem that’s hiding in plain sight The hidden influence of Islamic art, from Cartier to William Morris Airbnb is launching its biggest redesign in a decade. Travel may never be the same Why advertising won the streaming wars This robot’s paintings showed at the Venice Biennale, but are they actually art? Working in the metaverse: What virtual office life could look like Nike is suing StockX for allegedly selling counterfeit shoes. What happens next? Microsoft reinvents the mouse for people with disabilities See Lego’s stunning new set, which turns Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ into 3D art Are Design firms bending the rules of architecture to build virtual spaces in metacities? Adidas’s jaw-dropping new office sets an audacious standard for the future of work Floating solar farms could be worth $10 billion by 2030, but they have a dirty secret Music festivals are a UX nightmare. Here’s how Snap and Live Nation are fixing them This Japanese designer turned discarded fishing containers into groovy furniture What a brain-controlled computer might feel like Cluttercore: What’s really behind Gen Z’s revolt against minimalism? Inside the design of Zoox, Amazon’s quirky, self-driving car This futuristic office was designed for 5,000 people—and 100 robot coworkers 9 ways design can actually help you heal in the hospital How 100 years of Antarctic agriculture is helping scientists grow food in space The Snap Pixy: A shockingly simple drone that redefines the selfie Ex-Nike designer builds a boot that could prevent 80,000 amputations a year Ikea just redesigned one of its most popular products. Here’s why How a century-old luxury brand like Gucci won over Gen Z All those microplastics in the ocean could be spreading disease-causing parasites How Alicia Keys is expanding her brand mindfully Ikea unveils a new Swedish meatball—for insects only Sonia Carpentier, Piaget’s Brand Director, on how she landed her dream job Can businesses in the Middle East harness the power of big data while protecting our privacy? Why does the marine ecosystem matter to the UAE? How monitoring our sewage could help head off future disease outbreaks These apps can help reduce food waste in the Middle East – and perhaps save the planet Ben & Jerry’s is cutting the carbon footprint of your ice cream Dinner is served. Is Dubai becoming the culinary capital of the world? The world added a record amount of renewable energy in 2021 Women in Arab cinema: There is change, but is it happening quickly enough? Too poor for space? Ballooning to the stratosphere is the next best thing Lebanon’s cultural scene is struggling. But the art activists aren’t giving up In an increasingly warming world, we can’t rely on trees as a climate change cure-all Sitting on cloud nine, there’s no stopping this UAE-based billion-dollar virtual kitchen The slow but steady growth of home businesses in the Middle East A rocket scientist designed a solution for your moldy strawberries Chef Kelvin to stir up nostalgia in his latest Downtown Dubai restaurant Can the crisis in Europe trigger a surge in demand for clean hydrogen fuel from the Middle East? This startup makes carbon-neutral, high-protein pasta from fungi Why sustainability is emerging as the key bellwether of Web3 Arab women mean business, but are they getting support? Why the cryptocurrency price collapse offers hope for slowing climate change Scientists found a low-cost way to make clean drinking water from air in the desert The Middle East has a food security problem. Can agritech solve it? Dubai to launch first robotic biobank in the UAE in 2023 Stanford neuroscientists have discovered why your 13-year-old suddenly can’t even Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority becomes world's first regulator to make its debut in metaverse Egyptian startup uses AI to plan and fund social media advertising for small firms Alaska Airlines launches official Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge plane Egypt is fueling change, unveils $25 million carbon capture project The Metaverse of Things: This startup is using microchips to turn physical objects into NFTs How to hide an airplane Satellite, drones and AI tech to track soil quality in Abu Dhabi MBR solar park to hit 100% net-zero emissions by 2050 UAE’s first astronaut duo receive NASA’s approval to embark on space missions Saudi Arabia to boost mining and logistics capabilities to attract $32 billion of investment Shoppers in the Middle East can now tap and pay later Tomorrowland to bring year-long party to Dubai with Terra Solis Saudi Arabia's Red Sea Project will open for visitors in early 2023 Saudi Arabia to unveil digital art center to nurture regional talent Qatar to host the Middle East’s first-ever insurtech hackathon to boost innovation A for Aramco, not Apple. Saudi oil giant is world's most valuable company Elon Musk says his deal to buy Twitter is ‘on hold,’ sending TWTR shares crashing World’s first hydrogen-powered flying boat unveiled at Future Innovation Summit in Dubai Emirates airline strengthens partnership with Huawei World’s oldest luxury brand Hermes to display its iconic designs at the National Museum of Qatar A R Rahman will create a ‘masterpiece’ for Baab, says Nayla Al Khaja KAUST brings five global deep tech startups to Saudi Arabia Egypt and Siemens to collaborate for high-speed electric railway Fast Company's Most Creative People in Business list comes to the Middle East A look at the Most Creative People in Business from the past. And why they deserve to be there Egypt announces digital process for establishing startups Ritz Carlton in Dubai to launch hyperlocal hydroponic farm Autonomous delivery vehicles tested at KAUST campus to boost eCommerce Egypt commits over $1 billion to boost green sector prior to COP27 Racer Reema Juffali amps up motorsport action in the kingdom Saudi Arabia’s PIF acquires stake in Nintendo to boost the gaming industry Trend Micro to showcase unified cybersecurity solutions at Milipol Qatar 2022 Survey shows 70% employees in the Middle East will quit jobs due to lack of flexibility Dubai sets up task force dedicated to digital economy SolarWinds to showcase IT management and security innovations at AiCloud Expo Rapyd debuts in Dubai to tap into cross-border commerce TikTok now makes it easier to give credit to creators of viral trends—here’s how The Middle East’s green economic future to take center stage at Davos 2022 The neuroscience behind money and power: How socioeconomic status can literally shape your brain Qatar to host the Middle East’s first FIFA gaming tournament in the metaverse stc and Alibaba team up to provide advanced cloud computing services in Saudi Arabia Huawei to nurture tech talent with AI lab at Qatar University Marriott to debut Nujuma as part of Saudi Arabia's Red Sea destination The much-awaited Balenciaga and Adidas collaboration is here and it's gone viral Saudi Arabia’s largest theatre operator ventures into film production Researchers in Saudi Arabia develop AI to detect elusive post-COVID-19 lung damage Sheikh Tamim hails FIFA World Cup as a vehicle for change at Davos summit Egyptian real estate firm partners with Schneider to develop three smart cities Saudi Aramco chief highlights the need to reassess energy transition strategy UAE Space Agency highlights the role of AI in Global Aerospace Summit UAE delegation reaffirms the nation’s vision to be a global economic hub at Davos Abu Dhabi launches digital platform for residents to report corruption BitOasis partners with MBC Group to launch crypto educational drive AI university in Abu Dhabi joins forces with IBM to boost AI research Upfield’s #Makeitplant campaign makes a case for sustainable food in the Middle East Kuwait to build world’s largest petroleum research center Why Most Creative People In Business matters for the Middle East Driving tests in Qatar to be conducted in smart cars for higher precision UAE, Egypt, and Jordan to strengthen sustainable economic growth Digital artist Kristel Bechara to create NFT collection for Middle East’s biggest NFT community Musicians say their labels are pressuring them to go viral on TikTok Dubai Future Foundation wins award for creative space design Chinese firm to build cloud data center at Oman’s Sohar Port and Freezone Saudi Kafalah loan portfolio targeting SME sector exceeds $17 billion Tech startups win pilot contracts from Aldar's Scale Up programme These 6 products will save your aching hands and wrists Fintech is unlocking virtual trading. Can it democratize investment in the Middle East? These two UAE fintech startups are promoting financial inclusion Scientists are blasting out Earth’s location with the hope of reaching aliens How to go viral on TikTok in 4 easy steps These scams are timeless. Are technology and social trends making them more dangerous? These are the storytelling lessons I learned from Steve Jobs Video doorbells can still hear us, even when we can’t see them AI must be developed responsibly to improve mental health outcomes 5 free must-have apps for your return to the office 10 tools to help you focus on the stuff that really matters Stocks and cryptocurrencies are crashing today. Here’s why Will the Metaverse change fashion’s quintessential craftsmanship? Buy now, pay later services are retailers’ next great hope How Apple overcame its culture of secrecy to create AirPods Pro Why this climate scientist now works for a car company Researchers are experimenting with new ways to design tiny particle treatments for cancer Meta’s first store takes on a basic problem with selling new tech These 4 free Chrome extensions each do one thing incredibly well Lilly Singh wants us all to be triangles. Let her explain What a 1970s philosophical concept can teach us about space governance Elon Musk says relaxing content rules on Twitter will boost free speech, but research shows otherwise Facebook will soon stop tracking your location and delete your location history 3 ways the metaverse is already reshaping healthcare Ubisoft could be the next big video game acquisition, but it’s hardly a sure thing Google unveils two new tools designed to fight skin color bias Here are the 4 most surprising takeaways from the first day of Google’s I/O conference 7 time-saving Google Assistant tricks you should use every day How Sonos’ new voice assistant could take on Alexa and Google Assistant Google’s Pixel Watch combines Fitbit brains and Apple Watch vibes Cloudy with a chance of data centers. Is our digital life fueling this boom in the Middle East? Amazon invests in EFG Hermes GDRs, valuation of valU reaches $235 million How electric eels inspired the first battery two centuries ago Panics and death spirals: a history of failed stablecoins This technology is opening a window into the Middle East’s past The crypto crash, in 10 charts How super is the Careem super app? Meet the team behind it How this Emirati start-up aims to run the green mile with indigenous electric vehicles How to find remote-only jobs on the big job sites How ad-supported streaming will be used to track you Google is working on language-to-text AR glasses. It’s a complicated idea Inside the smell-o-verse: Meet the companies trying to bring scent to the metaverse A computer scientist explains how nonprogrammers are building more of the world’s software From food to healthcare, here’s everything space tech can transform in the Middle East Matthew McConaughey explains his tech investment strategy This new technology reveals classic iPods from the inside out A case for highlighting the role of crypto in the Middle East at Davos 13 features to improve your Google Docs experience The ‘deep tech’ revolution is happening. Here’s how it will change things How tech from Slack to Discord can prepare students for the future of work Will telehealth ever replace human doctors? Middle Eastern health tech experts weigh in Meet a crypto creator who’s playing to win Computer scientists explain why Musk’s obsession with Twitter bots misses the point What would an Electronic Arts merger look like for Apple, Amazon, or Disney? Amazon opens its first fashion store Bye, Zoom: This smart new app is the future of online meetings There’s a big problem with Apple and Google’s plans to nix passwords Still confused about NFTs? Here’s your guide to the rise of digital assets in the Middle East These tech startups from the MENA region are getting noticed Can voice assistants cross cultural barriers and reach Arabic-speaking users? Dubai’s ambition to be a global tech hub will extend beyond Web 3.0, crypto, says Dubai Internet City MD Ammar Al Malik A new method to differentiate between genetic mutations could lead to better cancer treatments The surprising ways technology can increase green space in cities How advertisers can prepare for an adless future on Google What the Voyager space probes can teach us about immortality and legacy Sonia Carpentier, Piaget’s Brand Director, on how she landed her dream job How super is the Careem super app? What’s chef Kelvin’s favorite place to eat in Dubai? Find out Dubai Internet City will support the next wave of Web 3.0, crypto, but will not stop there, says MD Ammar Al Malik The digital nomad life is not all it’s cracked up to be. Here’s why It’s time for a new social code between bosses and employees Yes, you can make money and feel fulfilled at work How to successfully share personal details at work ‘There’s nothing scarier than having a severe mental illness at work’: How to talk to colleagues about mental health The secret science behind the power of small talk How to respond when your manager’s ask seems unethical We need to stop managing and start leading. Here are 4 ways to be a leader People are quitting jobs they just started. Here’s what managers can do The business case for getting your team to laugh together Science explains that anger at work has a bright side. Here’s how to manage it How to manage the anxiety of giving negative feedback Why the 9-to-5 schedule has lost its place in the workplace 16 simple things to do now to get a promotion this year How to negotiate your salary for any job A psychologist explains why negativity dominates your daily thoughts, and what to do about it Here’s what happened when I revealed my mental health struggles to my employees How to give genuine recognition to your employees How to future-proof your job by thinking like a futurist Your constructive feedback helps no one if you trigger this emotional reaction This is the reason you’re losing your best people, according to brain science 7 Leadership lessons from Pop Culture’s Worst Bosses How to make better and faster decisions when you are struggling to keep up