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Should brands sue their own fans? It’s working out for Netflix and Oprah 66% more energy? This new turbine could turn old power plants into clean(er) machines 5 prototype homes show that houses can be ‘sustainable and attainable’ How automakers insidiously shaped our cities for cars Workplaces are inaccessible for people of determination. Inclusive design can solve that Why you should be designing for your parents, not your peers Sci-fi prototyping: How to predict the future and prepare for the unexpected Gen Z smartphone addiction can boost compulsive buying—but businesses can help them kick the habit Are you on vacation—or in a retail showroom? A new satellite brighter than any star could ruin the night sky Patagonia reinvents itself again: ‘We’re making Earth our only shareholder’ How Philips is making hospitals far less intimidating for kids How TikTok’s pushy watermark boosted its brand—and hurt Instagram Here’s what it will take for designers to pivot from a throwaway to a repair culture This tree owns itself—and is fighting for its own survival See a bizarre sculpture made from 15 pounds of human hair Is gaming ready for its Netflix moment? Logitech is betting on it Humanized design can save the world, says Khadija Al Bastaki LEAP will showcase global tech. And the Middle East is ready to invest This startup is pioneering the use of 3D printing in Gaza. And it is saving lives What are the latest culinary trends in the Middle East? We asked these top restauranteurs When heat waves and air pollution combine, the health impacts get even worse Is Careem ready for crypto and metaverse? Mudassir Sheikha tells us Egypt is attracting FDI. But is that enough for growth? Our healthcare needs are changing. Are insurance companies in the Middle East taking note? Organizations in the Middle East have ambitious ESG goals. Can EVs support them? Everyone talks about the E and the S, but we need to talk more about the G Can the Middle East have more women pilots? This royal is on that mission Is the 1973 oil crisis back? How will it impact the Middle East? Eat, pray, trust. This is why you should care about food transparency A NASA scientist designed a platform to track the carbon of every tree on the planet Is space the new frontier for food? The Middle East is exploring Collaboration is key to steering homegrown production, says Majed Al Suwaidi What is the most critical metric for digital banks? Hear from Ahmed Abdelaal Inside this vertical farm, carbon-neutral algae grows under glowing pink lights Are agencies in the Middle East killing creativity with an overworked culture? Top leaders to discuss the impact of AI at the Impact Council sub-committee meeting This stunning Balmain couture gown was made with trash Ten things the Saudi crown prince said you need to know Wind, hydropower, or nuclear? How we can get to 100% clean electricity This 17-year-old is using fish waste to clean up heavy metal pollution Drinking water is becoming scarce. Is desalination the Middle East’s solution? Quick takes: Five facts about Rami Al Ali you ought to know Change creates opportunity, says the Coursera chief Know companies who want to enter the Middle East market? Here are a few tips you should share Aramex Asharq News Aster DM Healthcare Augustus Media Balinca Barakat Group BitOasis Technologies Cafu Chalhoub Group Crayon Dulsco Emirates National Oil Company FIVE Hotels and Resorts GMG G42 Healthcare Huspy IBM Independent Food Company Justlife L'Oréal Middle East Mamo Masdar City MonkiBox NOMADD Noon OSN+ Peacefull PepsiCo Pickl Pure Harvest Smart Farms Rabbit RedSea SAS Sony PlayStation Stripe TBWA\RAAD TikTok Virgin Mobile UAE Virtuzone ZainTech Zuhair Fayez Partnership Consultants The 2 most innovative companies in healthcare of 2022 The most innovative company in hospitality of 2022 The most innovative company in logistics of 2022 The 2 most innovative companies in media of 2022 The most innovative company in mobility of 2022 The 3 most innovative companies in retail of 2022 The two most innovative companies in service of 2022 The most innovative company in small and mighty of 2022 The 3 most innovative companies in sustainability of 2022 The 2 most innovative companies in urban development & real estate of 2022 The most innovative company in women-backed of 2022 Emirates Mars Mission discovers ‘patchy’ proton aurora on red planet Qatar to launch largest blue ammonia plant by 2026 Saudi PIF-funded Lucid Group files for $8 billion offering amid production crunch Netflix expands original content production in the Middle East Saudi Arabia poised to become world’s fastest-growing economy Microsoft launches first global data center region in Qatar Most Innovative Companies list attracts VCs to invest in out-of-box ideas Saudi Arabia’s investment funds witness a steep fall of $6.3 billion Egyptian producer Mohamed Hefzy joins International Emmy Awards jury Qatar’s Museum of Islamic Art to reopen in October UAE survey to assess economic impact of space sector Abu Dhabi-based company Rebound launches marketplace for recycled plastics Saudi Arabia and UAE non-oil economies improve in August Dubai’s new Urban Tech District promises 4,000 jobs Demand for IT products is declining in the Middle East and Africa Middle East to get warmer by 5 degrees in this century, say scientists Saudi Arabia's Central Bank hires crypto chief Khazna and Bee’ah team up to bring Sharjah its first tier 3 data center More than 90% of women want a cybersecurity degree in the Middle East Saudi Arabia set to be a global hub for gaming and esports Is hybrid working hampering women’s career goals? Abu Dhabi announces region’s largest food and healthcare storage hub Queen Elizabeth II has died Emirates’ in-flight experience gains new altitude DIFC witnesses 22% spike in registered businesses Airbus cancels remaining A350 orders from Qatar Airways Fans driving to FIFA World Cup must park at Qatar border Aramco beats Apple to become the world’s most profitable company Saudi Arabia's industrial production witnesses a spike of over 17% in July UAE’s tourism sector expects ‘strong recovery’ this winter Venture capitalists eye Bahrain to set up thriving businesses Syrian director Soudade Kaadan wins the audience award at Venice Film Festival Can AI help fight climate change? 87% leaders believe so UAE charges ahead with cleantech, net-zero emission goals Misk Foundation and Fashion Commission to boost Saudi Arabia’s fashion industry Virtuzone to build V-shaped skyscraper in the metaverse Saudi wealth fund keen on diversifying its investments Saudi Aramco partners with US-based AI company to launch global AI corridor IPA Qatar and Microsoft team up to accelerate digital transformation in Qatar Over three-quarters of Middle East businesses see C-suite as key security advocates Google Cloud partners with Saudi Arabia for AI-based Earth observation program KSA to build 200 smart cities and automate 4,000 factories COP27 ropes in IBM as technology partner UAE tops MENA region in sustainable infrastructure development: UN Two UAE cities join UNESCO’s Global Network of Learning Cities Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia bets on esports and gaming industry Arab economies record steady growth, says AMF chief UAE startup launches specialized Web 3.0 and metaverse solutions Qatar’s new campaign for FIFA World Cup 22 spotlights football’s cultural value Football stars reveal untold FIFA tales in new series by TOD How do people feel about work in the UAE? Over two-thirds want to be self-employed Bahrain and Saudi Arabia lead in contactless payments Green transition needs collaborative efforts at COP27 Palestinian-British director Basil Khalil wins award at TIFF 22 women creatives complete Netflix-Sard writing program UAE space center to simulate Mars expedition in metaverse Aramco CEO says underinvestment in hydrocarbons causing energy crisis Saudi Arabia's ecommerce sector expected to expand gradually Arab youth prefer UAE as the top country to live in over US and Canada Oracle announces new innovation hub in Abu Dhabi QatarEnergy and GE join hands to develop carbon capture roadmap Abu Dhabi-based company launches online marketplace for trading dates Finastra, Visa to co-develop a new payment solution Saudi Arabia to send first woman astronaut in space in 2023 Etihad Rail partners with top international railway firms Qatar suspends entry for visitors during FIFA World Cup 30% of UAE residents might switch to electric cars Two entries from Middle East win coveted architecture award Egypt wants to expand renewable energy by 42% Saudi Arabia launches five renewable energy projects Qatar Airways voted world’s best airline; wins ahead of Singapore Airlines, Emirates Global experts come together in Dubai to explore the potential of metaverse Female Founder Office Hours expands to MENA to address the gender imbalance in financing Data center operators transitioning to renewable energy in MEA Middle East to power up its fastest supercomputer in 2023 UAE cybersecurity professionals feel they are 'losing against cybercriminals' Chalhoub Group acquires majority stake in London-based Threads Styling UAE launches Gender Balance Center for Excellence to promote gender equality Egypt ramping up data and cybersecurity capabilities Sporting events to boost Middle East tourism by 30% Global alliance to promote green economy launched at WGES in Dubai Netflix celebrates emerging Saudi filmmakers with its new collection Is the metaverse an economic equalizer? Leaders and futurists weigh in at Dubai Metaverse Assembly Metaverse will reduce cost and improve efficiency, says Emirates COO PIF-owned Savvy Games Group to invest $38 billion in video games industry Struggling to be productive? These five apps might help Check out these five electric cars Five must-watch documentaries before COP27 Five podcasts you should check out Executives in Middle East are WFO, here are ways to stay productive at the office NASA’s Space Launch System—whenever it comes—will mark the end of an era for U.S. spaceflight Misinformation played a deadly role in both the COVID and HIV/AIDS pandemics History suggests Apple won’t call its metaverse ‘the metaverse’ Why crypto and the Metaverse can’t exist without each other These high-tech tools are helping scientists study birds’ ancient migratory routes Why DuckDuckGo’s new email privacy tool is worth checking out How YouTube paved the way for today’s social media Can new technology tell if you’re lying on LinkedIn? Apple used to sell wonder. Now it sells fear EVs can drive zero emissions. But what are the speedbumps in MENA? How the creator of ‘bullet time’ for ‘The Matrix’ wants to transform the metaverse Exclusive: Zoom CEO Eric Yuan on how the company is going way beyond video calls iPhone 14 eSIM explained: Why Apple wants to kill physical SIM cards A computer scientist explains how proof-of-stake can revolutionize crypto The Apple Watch 8 offers a slight variation on a winning theme ‘Fintech isn’t revolutionizing finance’ and 4 other hard-line observations of the way we use money Why people lie more when using a laptop than a phone Machine writing is becoming more human–all too human, in some cases Working in the metaverse: What virtual office life could look like How achievements took over the video game industry Saudi Arabia is investing billions in tech. But is the workforce future-ready? Can wastewater be cleaned to grow crops? This KAUST professor is doing it using zero-energy Mars is littered with over 15,000 pounds of human trash There’s one thing that makes employees want to return to the office, says a new Microsoft report NASA is crashing a spacecraft into an asteroid. It could one day save Earth from catastrophe 18 things to know before buying a Samsung foldable phone An economic slowdown could be the reset Silicon Valley needs Tonomus signals the next stage of growth trajectory AI is changing business. But is the Middle East keeping pace? Exclusive: Everette Taylor is named Kickstarter's new CEO Cooling technology needs a rethink. And the Middle East may have some ideas Mudassir Sheikha on the future of mobility Partnerships are key to DMC’s success, says Majed Al Suwaidi Khadija Al Bastaki, Vice President of d3, on inclusivity in the creative sector Quiet Quitting has been around for decades. Here’s the ultimate solution Leaders need to drop these 4 outdated remote work myths to stay competitive Planning to resign? Middle East experts discuss the pros and cons of rising the ranks Why job seekers should be tapping their professional network right now 4 ways to reengage the quiet quitters in your company 10 decision-making principles that will help you make tough calls The job market is officially confusing. Here’s what experts think is going on This might be the biggest mistake teams make with group projects You should probably stop checking your email so much 3 ways women can reach the C-suite even though research shows the odds are against them How to stay focused when everything feels stressful and overwhelming What everyone gets wrong about risk 6 qualities that will get you hired, no matter the job We all know about ‘quiet quitting.’ Now there’s ‘quiet firing,’ too 5 books to read to make work suck less You must figure out how to experience your business from the outside The open-plan office is outdated. But are Middle East companies listening? How to ask your boss for more meaningful work Beyond burnout: Why are so many people unhappy at work these days?