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Is it time to put architecture in the Middle East on a diet of philosophy? The Nike x Tiffany & Co collab is a match made in branding heaven This sleek sensor helps self-driving cars look less like self-driving cars Here’s what Frank Lloyd Wright’s unbuilt designs would look like today Is Apple’s chief operating officer its new Jony Ive? A foldable iPad would be Apple’s worst idea Samsung’s couch of the future is a giant hammock Fashion week birthed fast fashion. Can it kill fast fashion, too? UX designers are suffering from a failure of imagination We buy too many clothes. Can fashion’s secondhand boom change that? Meet Waldo, a new search engine that lets you hyper-tune your queries This unusual lamp glows like a solar eclipse Microsoft just bungled its $13 billion debut of AI-powered Bing Do cities really need parking garages? Scientists want to store renewable energy in abandoned mines Why generative AI scares artists but not writers This magical machine turns heartbeats into music Pharrell Williams is Louis Vuitton’s next menswear creative director Netflix killed its Surprise Me button. Here’s why the shuffle-play feature never made much sense Rise of the synthetic celebrity: Superplastic embodies a new generation of influencers, and they’re unreal NASA’s new AI-designed parts look like they’re from an alien starship How celebrity supplements became the new celebrity fragrance Paula Scher’s new playing cards double as abstract art Wilson’s 3D-printed basketball never needs to be inflated Has design become too dogmatic? Want to see the Earth from a stratosphere balloon? This startup says it will happen Why social media companies picked a very tricky time to start charging users Can art inspire change in society? This sculptor believes so Why are so many Gen Zers drawn to old-school digital cameras? 3D printing with sound? Yep, that’s possible ADGM Courts implemented blockchain technology. How is it transforming the legal system? Should you replace your gas stove with an induction cooktop? Here’s what you need to know Oatly’s climate-footprint counts are a sign that carbon labels are going mainstream. Do they work? These ‘terra-cotta’ tiles blend in perfectly with Italian roofs. But they’re really solar panels Green jobs are booming, but there’s a big skills gap. Here’s how companies can fix it 5 changes that will make our planet-saving resolutions real The forgotten history of evangelicals’ environmentally friendly past ‘There will be no living here’: How gas exports are destroying Gulf Coast communities 4 innovative ways airports are working to reduce emissions—in the air and on the ground These 3 startups are a window into the growing carbon capture economy Corporates in the Middle East are looking at ESG transformation. And this is vital for it to work This development aims to create a sustainable future in Saudi Arabia Self-driving cars would be a climate disaster 3 ways sustainable brands could help conscious consumerism make a comeback These old EV batteries now store solar power for the grid Can clouds of moon dust help stop global warming? ‘Dinner on Mars’: How space agriculture could transform food on Earth Superbugs are becoming more bulletproof, and global warming could make it worse These business leaders explain how the climate crisis is impacting sustainability There’s clean drinking water in fog—if you know how to harvest it AI can help address climate change—as long as it doesn’t exacerbate it Take a look at the skinny robot helping scientists study Antarctica’s ‘doomsday glacier’ To reach Net Zero, we don’t just need money, we need a translator Online shopping adds to emissions and traffic. But can the Middle East fix it? The toxic waste problem that no one’s talking about The hospitality industry in the Middle East is serious about sustainability. Can these strategies help? It would take less than 3% of Big Oil’s profits to slash methane emissions The deadly hazmat threat that no one’s talking about The blatant greenwashing of SUVs Two years on, women-led businesses are building back from the Beirut blast Your clothes can shed 700,000 microplastic fibers in a single wash. This invisible material could prevent that Leonardo DiCaprio backed company has partnered with this UAE startup 4 reasons why the EV transition can’t be only about cars This Emirati baby food brand is mixing national well-being and business Why does Web3 need greater participation from women in MENA? These regional filmmakers face enormous challenges. Yet tell their stories In an earthquake, these rats with tiny backpacks are trained to find survivors The Middle East is attracting big theatrical shows. Is the market ready? The future of money is this—whether we like it or not Egypt is losing its rich ancient wonders. Can they be saved? Can gene editing help save the banana? Why cargo ships are bringing back sails This startup aims to replace animal testing and personalize medicine for the MENA region Hanging strawberry farms in Gaza are helping small farmers reap big returns This startup can 3D print a battery into any shape you want 6 choices companies can make to create jobs that people love Scientists say the clock is ticking after unexpected findings at Antarctica’s ‘doomsday glacier’ This new coworking space in Dubai aims to start its sisterhood These hospitality brands are working with cloud kitchens in the Middle East. Why? Will ChatGPT end up doing all the homework? Or reboot education in the Middle East This is the key to getting more electric vehicles on the road Arab women athletes are changing the game, but hurdles remain The era of worker empowerment on return to office mandates isn’t over. Here’s why Amazon just made it easier for people with hearing loss to stream content Why investing in women’s health is impact investing Why is trust in the media plummeting? Becky Anderson on the business of truth-telling The vertical farming bubble is finally popping How to bike to work without getting sweaty? Dubai unveils climate-controlled cycling track UAE wants to build a healthcare hub to cater to the region, says Sheikh Mohammed Saudi Arabia to invest $270 billion to bolster clean energy sector Aldar acquires Al Fahid Island for $680 million to build a waterfront project Why are so many people in GCC unhappy at work these days? Can vertical farming safeguard MENA's food security? PIF and AeroFarms are betting big on it A desalination plant to be turned into a cultural museum in Jeddah Airbus and Qatar Airways’ ‘amicable settlement’ over A350 dispute signals new growth trajectory Looking for your dream job? These careers are the happiest in UAE Where can you meet Andy Serkis, C-3PO, and Dr Who? At Comic Con Abu Dhabi Dance with cobots, meet humanoids or learn to play the piano using AR. All this and more at LEAP 2023 LEAP 2023 to award $1.54 million cash prize in startup pitch challenge and cloud hackathon Fast Company Middle East launches collector’s edition at LEAP 2023 The world needs hydrocarbons, says Saudi energy minister Business leaders and innovators descend on Riyadh to power the kingdom’s tech ambitions Sovereign wealth funds accelerating M&A activity in the Middle East, says a new report LEAP 2023 kicks off with $9 billion investment in future tech on Day 1 Arab filmmaker team up with scientists to use AI in cinema Businesses must assist in climate change innovation, says Princess Noura Sharjah Biennial opens with 150 artists and over 300 artworks TONOMUS Venture Studio is giving startups a $1.4 billion shot in the arm How to help earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey LEAP 2023: Big announcements of Day 2—and what it means for Saudi Arabia ChatGPT for governance? UAE considers the possibilities Looming recession? 70% of logistics executives are preparing for it Dubai issues new regulations to curb market risks of virtual assets Dubai’s DEWA to deploy ChatGPT to enrich services $580 million worth of new investments announced at LEAP on Day 3 Christie’s is bringing the next Art+Tech Summit to Dubai MENA region to accelerate renewable energy drive, says IRENA outlook A center of excellence for the metaverse? Yes, one is coming soon in Saudi Arabia Elon Musk and Idris Elba to speak at World Government Summit in Dubai Can alternative energy meet global demand? It's unrealistic, says Aramco CEO IMF chief outlines steps for economic resilience in Arab countries Saudi Arabia to send two astronauts – a man and a woman – to ISS this year Dubai plans for flying taxi takeoff by 2026 What will shape the future? Leaders at WGS in Dubai discuss technology and decarbonization Noon aims for better pricing and service with the acquisition of fashion portal Namshi Qatar donates World Cup mobile cabins to Turkey-Syria earthquake victims Minister highlights the rapid growth of Saudi Arabia UAE is running toward energy transition, says Sultan Al Jaber at WGS A mall in the metaverse? It's coming to Dubai New study finds 78% of companies in MENA will hire interns to cut costs. But is it labor exploitation? UAE, Jordan, Egypt, and Bahrain to accelerate industrial partnership Slow down AI for safety, warns Elon Musk at WGS in Dubai Hub71 to invest $2 billion to build Web3 startup ecosystem Let's fight climate change and not each other, says Sultan Al Jaber e& expands its digital services with the acquisition of ServiceMarket Saudi wealth fund PIF raises stake in Nintendo once again These robots could deliver your next coffee Dubai launches largest solar-powered data center Now, Abu Dhabi is home to the largest vertical farm in the world Saudi Arabia sets aside $104 billion for water development projects Qatari sheikh could be the new owner of Manchester United Saudi Arabia to build a mega downtown in Riyadh by 2030 Emirates to build a $135 million pilot-training facility UAE embraces lifelong learning, partners with Coursera ADGM and Zand Bank to provide banking services to SMEs in the UAE Will AI supercharge productivity or steal jobs? Egyptians have a mixed feeling How do CEOs in the Middle East perceive the current market outlook? AD Gaming and Sawa Group team up to localize global gaming content This $3 billion investment in the rail network project can cut travel time between UAE-Oman This is how we select the Most Creative People in Business Gen Z calling the shots in payments in the Middle East Banking system in Egypt and Jordan faces uncertainty Public-private partnerships crucial to D33 economic agenda for Dubai, says Sheikh Hamdan UAE introduces two new programs to boost its net-zero goal This initiative aims to close the digital gap in the Middle East An experiential eco-retreat Collective Trojena to open in NEOM UAE’s national rail network on track in sustainability ambitions UAE, Egypt, Jordan, and Bahrain to sign $2 billion-plus industrial projects Arab countries are playing a big role in the world's carbon capture Turkey’s earthquake donation efforts marred by social media scams My time in AlUla has been magical, says Alicia Keys Saudi film commission to explore AI in movie production and marketing UAE calls for multilateral action to bolster climate financing UAE astronaut mission to the space station 'scrubbed' Careem to end ride-hailing services in Qatar from today Financial institutions in MENA are driving growth in ESG finance Now aspiring filmmakers in Saudi Arabia can learn with Jason Shuman Ras Al Khaimah to develop a free zone for digital and virtual asset firms How decarbonizing buildings is key to combating climate change 5 Arabic films and series to watch on streaming platforms in 2023 7 ways to make Valentine’s Day memorable Want to get rid of brain fog? Eat this 7 AI blunders that show the revolution isn’t here quite yet What I learned by ditching Gmail for six months Cryptos are gaining strength in the MENA region. Will a safer ecosystem be needed? OpenAI launches ChatGPT Plus for $20 per month This smart contact lens could treat glaucoma Netflix’s creepy new anti-password-sharing features know when you’re not home Securing the metaverse: 3 cyber concerns Amazon Q4 earnings: Profit drop worse than expected amid mass layoffs Twitter’s decision to remove free API access could scare off developers for good ‘Mr. Zuckerberg is a capitalist after all’: Meta’s efficiency pledge wins praise from Wall Street POV: Don’t censor the chatbots Fanatics hires a former Snap and Google exec to head its new live-shopping division Three barriers that can slow AI’s potential in pharma Meta stock skyrockets as Facebook parent company announces buybacks Alphabet reports disappointing Q4 results, announces new focus on AI NASA’s new spaceship is going to crash ESG investors have good intentions, but there’s a better way to measure corporate impact and health Google announces new Bard chatbot to counter ChatGPT Armed with OpenAI models, Microsoft declares war on Google Search and Chrome Are you sure a human wrote that love letter? Valentine’s Day in the age of ChatGPT Is the metaverse already dead? Is it possible to make a universal flu vaccine? Adam Neumann talked about Flow for a full hour, and we still don’t know what it is What it’s like using Microsoft’s chatbot-based Bing search How two astronomers are building a catalog of space junk around the Moon What if we compensated consumers for their data? AI can explain the meaning of life and the answer will surprise you Elon Musk’s plans to limit API access might be good for Twitter’s business, but it’s bad for the open internet Will the Steve Jobs of cleantech come from Riyadh, Cairo, or Abu Dhabi? Phishing scams are getting more devious. Here’s how to outwit them 3 free ChatGPT Chrome extensions to make you more productive How generative AI got cast in its first Hollywood movie 7 reasons why Apple’s TV app is still a frustrating experience for film lovers How Apple treated Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime show like its most popular new product How neuroscience could be used to decide trademark infringement cases We need to talk about Microsoft and Google’s underwhelming chatbot debuts How Opera plans to integrate generative AI into its browser Microsoft’s new Bing AI chatbot is already insulting and gaslighting users How VCs are vying for a piece of your brain—literally ChatGPT can’t do actual work. That means it won’t be replacing anyone anytime soon Why I’m not quitting Twitter—yet YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki is stepping down 6 things to know about new YouTube chief Neal Mohan Syrians need help. Donors want to give. And GoFundMe is caught in the middle How Susan Wojcicki quietly guided YouTube to video-sharing dominance How Blue Origin is ramping up plans for interplanetary missions 13 tips to stay level-headed in the world of business Maybe integrating mobile robots into everyday life isn’t a good idea Chatbots are chaotic, but the volatility probably won’t last How robo-boots can help boost balance Facebook and Instagram paid verification will allow anyone to get a blue check Why ChatGPT’s search answers are no substitute for links Twitter’s transparency reporting has tanked under Elon Musk Microsoft brings Bing chatbot to phones less than a week after it went off the rails Uber unveils a new redesigned app that’s personalized to you Brands have an Instagram engagement problem, and it’s getting worse Why the ghost of Clippy haunts today’s AI chatbots GPT-powered deepfakes are a ‘powder keg’ This ChatGPT feature has huge potential—but really needs work The Galaxy S23 Ultra ruined other Android phones for me A science fiction magazine closed submissions after being bombarded with stories written by ChatGPT 4 rules for winning tech’s talent war in 2023 Satellite data: The other type of smartphone data you don’t hear about Tech layoffs: Are they a necessary evil or a control tactic for bosses to regain power? Why are Chinese tech giants silencing ChatGPT? The one thing you should always do before uploading sensitive documents to the cloud NASA is hosting a competition to build a VR Mars simulator 30 AI tools you can try for free Inside NASA’s big plan to bring the internet to the moon What is Shibarium? Here’s everything to know about Shiba Inu’s shiny new toy New weight-loss treatments are not just a TikTok trend Amidst the global recession, why are MENA businesses still spending on tech? Tim Draper shares his views on how Saudi Arabia will impact the future of tech How is LEAP making tech more inclusive? Gitanjali Rao tells us What were the biggest takeaways from LEAP 2023? What is the future of money? How is blockchain tech transforming the legal system at ADGM Courts? CNN's Becky Anderson on the business of storytelling After brutal layoffs, many workers say they’re fed up with full-time work. Is this ‘The Great Betrayal?’ How to deal with annoying coworkers in the office How leaders can avoid the threat of ChatGPT ChatGPT has an IQ of 83, yet it’s coming for our jobs. What does that say about the work we do? Why every Fortune 500 business needs a chief AI officer 3 ways to become less addicted to social media Gen Z slang: your one-stop, no-judgment guide How to tell if your micromanaging is helpful or out of control When to say ‘I’m sorry’ vs. ‘thank you for understanding,’ so you’re less annoying and keep your integrity Being an authentic leader doesn’t have to burn you out. Here’s how to make it work Laziness is a myth. Here’s how to escape toxic productivity culture How to write a cover letter using ChatGPT Toxic positivity is ruining our workplaces. These three tricks can help. Layoffs can cause fear and grief. Here’s how teams can process those feelings using Appreciative Inquiry 3 ways leaders can use communication to improve mental wellbeing How to decide which advice to take when making a decision 5 daily rituals entrepreneurs can use to manage their mental health What it takes to be your best self with your coworkers (or anyone) Obsessing over your well-being can lead to burnout. Here are 3 things to consider Why getting laid off hurts so much, according to a philosophy professor 4 ways to ensure everyone on your team pulls their weight 5 reasons why your career is stalled—and how to get unstuck The best way to prove you’re a competent leader? Admit when you’re wrong 4 ways managers can take care of themselves through stressful situations Is the age of the empowered employee over?