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From Porsche to Pokémon, Daniel Arsham’s art examines the modern age Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ just got an iconic redesign This graphic design platform boosted its power with generative AI The race to build AI-powered humanoids is heating up The trick to avoiding empty innovation? Finding the right problem to solve Generative AI is about to upend the way designers work Apple pumps the brakes on artificial intelligence Mathematicians have discovered the hidden patterns that exist within ‘chaotic’ crowds Clip art changed the way we view ourselves—and the world ‘Understated but transformative’: architect David Chipperfield is 2023’s Pritzker Prize winner Microsoft’s new Inclusive Design Toolkit is designed for the brain Why Sonos added 93 screws to its yo-yo shaped speaker Who will win the XR headset wars? Designers have a seat at the table. Now what should they do with it? It’s way too late to stop TikTok Lionel Messi’s tech investment firm Play Time is betting big on this mobile gaming startup This Airstream has Porsche DNA The Best Picture posters just got a brilliant redesign That Ikea x Patagonia collab? Generative AI made it happen eBay just created a shortcut for building accessible websites The future of live performance is already here ChatGPT is the new ‘Intel Inside’ Once you spot Gen Z’s favorite colors, you’ll see them everywhere To reach incarcerated individuals, this book had to bend the rules of design Too big? Too small? No, these office buildings are just right for housing These gorgeous pavers prevent flooding, thanks to a clever detail BMW’s new factory doesn’t exist in real life, but it will still change the car industry This artist reimagines cartoon characters with a luxurious twist Canva’s new generative AI tools are now the ones to beat Scarlett Johansson wants you to forget she founded a beauty brand Ikea’s generative AI furniture designs are trippy, retro, and inspiring Fashion is finally designing for women over 40 Pepsi’s new logo is a subliminal war on sugar Here’s what our crazy radio spectrum looks like, in all its hidden beauty Arrivederci, Gucci. The luxury logo boom is over Fear is driving SUV design into a ‘Mad Max’ dystopia Take a peek behind the process of redesigning Wikipedia’s desktop interface Startup to scale-up: Can the Middle East be a global hub? ‘The visuals of today help create the reality of tomorrow:’ Why Hollywood is finally tackling climate change onscreen Universal Hydrogen’s Paul Eremenko is on a mission for zero-carbon flight All those tiny homes made from shipping containers aren’t as sustainable as you think. Here’s why How AI can help predict weather in the era of climate change Worried about running out of EV battery? You don’t really need to be As radio pollution continues to grow, solutions will need to be tested in a controlled environment Growing crops under solar panels makes food—and healthier solar panels This Gates-backed startup uses super hot bricks to run factories with zero emissions What is ‘green hushing’? The new negative sustainability trend, explained Climate tech innovation in MENA is changing—and so is the support ecosystem Why the climate tech industry needs another Silicon Valley Bank ‘Liquid windows’ could be the answer to more sustainable buildings The hottest climate job you’ve never heard of MIT researchers tackle key question of EV adoption: When to charge? Why countries shouldn’t rely on forests and soils to reach net zero Saudi Arabia is getting a green makeover. But what’s its impact on the ecosystem? The latest climate report is bleak. Here’s why there’s still hope Your thinking about ESG is all wrong. Here’s what it’s really about UAE aims to be plastic-free. But is it viable? 11 positive ‘tipping points’ that can help combat climate doom Could the technology behind Netflix’s recommendation engine help fight climate change? These ‘supertrees’ grow a climate-friendly alternative to palm oil To see the future of ecological ideas, look at old Middle East homes These swarms of tiny satellites could advance the fight against climate change Can harvesting fog solve the water crisis in the Middle East? These two young social activists could change the way Lebanon rebuilds—here’s how Why fruit flies could hold the secret to scaling up lab-grown meat Your toilet paper is full of forever chemicals Is obesity the next pandemic in the Middle East? What can fix this? These fashion designers are putting braille right on their clothing Hold the flying cars. Trains can turn Saudi Arabia into a global logistic hub The biggest 4-day-workweek trial in history showed promise. What happens next? A global recession is coming. How will GCC fare There are more than 170 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean The business case for reversing extinction The case for 15-minute cities ‘Forever chemicals’: 3 essential things to understand The company behind this bottle wants to upend the Earth-destroying, $60 billion palm oil business Can Egyptian entrepreneurs shape the country’s new economy? Will Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse impact the MENA startup ecosystem? This new tech can pull CO2 from the air—and turn it into baking soda The Middle East culinary industry needs more women leaders. So, what is being done? Beyond the classroom, will ChatGPT enable lifelong learning in the Middle East? How to use free satellite data to monitor natural disasters and environmental changes Why clothes should be designed to turn into dirt This electric plane could be in the sky by 2025 How PFAS were cleverly rebranded as ‘forever chemicals’ The dark history of using water as a weapon This MIT-designed device can measure air pollution anywhere Why are e-scooters popular? How micro-mobility is booming in the Middle East How researchers turned superglue into a cheap plastic alternative This iridescent coating could cool your house without air-conditioning Cevisama showcases Spanish tilemakers eyeing the Middle East market Saudi women now make up 35% of the workforce Want to retain talent? Invest in financial future of employees Despite global headwinds, UAE will maintain growth, says World Bank Carbon-intensive industries call for decarbonization funding Emirati astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi blasts off on sky-lighting SpaceX flight to space station TikTok fined $93,000 by Turkish authorities for weak data protection WHO chief urges more funds for earthquake-stricken Syria Saudi Arabia promotes industrial innovation with 15 new factories Why is Dubai’s luxury residential market the world's most sought-after Saudi Aramco acquires Valvoline for $2.65 billion to bolster its global presence Scientists reveal secret corridor in Egypt’s Great Pyramid, mapped with cosmic rays National Geographic explores the ancient city of AlUla in a new documentary Saudi companies to invest $51.2 billion to diversify economy Pharmaceutical scientists have figured out a new way to make moisturizer without the moisture This revamped calculator will tell you the carbon emission of the hospitality sector in Dubai Are tech startups in smaller MENA countries a hot emerging market for funding? Most Creative People In Business adds two new categories for 2023 Dubai to build rest stops for delivery riders These are the best places to work in UAE in 2023 UAE’s largest heritage museum aims to attract 1 million visitors by 2025 Al Jaber urges oil industry to step up, create the energy system of the future Thinking of moving your company’s HQ to KSA? This might be the nudge you need Hilary Clinton hails Abu Dhabi's drive for innovation Qatar Airways targets rapid growth as travel demand rebounds Saudi Arabia’s thriving entrepreneurial culture is on the rise MENA accelerator Flat6Labs is seeking next big startups in Levant region Turkey earthquake damage over $100 billion, UNDP says Qatar’s conservation efforts earn praise from Jane Goodall Dubai gets a new digital content creation hub US court rejects Turkey’s request to recover ancient ‘Stargazer’ This bank in Qatar is rolling out its co-investment product for startups NEOM partners with Marriott International to open three luxury hotels by 2024 Biban 2023: The premier SME conference in Saudi Arabia begins today Hijabi athletes Mariam Farid and Khadija Hegazy star in Adidas global campaign Robots are coming to speed up check-in at Dubai airport This KSA campaign aims to tackle gender bias in AI Meta to review moderation of Arabic word ‘shaheed’ ADMAF x D&G collaboration is what designer dreams are made of Can tech efficiently manage health? Most people think so UAE launches new initiative to support Emirati talent in industrial sector Deals worth billions of dollars announced at Biban 23 to bolster SMEs Saudi Crown Prince unveils new national carrier Riyadh Air Companies do better with women at the helm, says survey ESG investing continues to soar, but Saudi investors urge for a balanced approach Benefits from expanded GCC metro rail could be worth $700 billion This VC and co-creation studio wants to develop deep tech startups in KSA and beyond How can the Middle East achieve food security targets? UAE employees want assurance that their job and employer is on solid footing Sheikh Hamdan says Amazon is vital to Dubai's digital economy growth Saudi’s PIF announces new initiatives to boost private sector growth The Middle East’s cybersecurity market to be worth $31 billion by 2030 72 Boeing 787 Dreamliner planes set for Riyadh Air Abu Dhabi’s G42 acquires share in ByteDance at $220 billion valuation Sheikh Maktoum and other Arab leaders part of WEF 2023 Young Global Leaders Hype or useful digital assets? Here's how the UAE perceives NFTs The fintech sector sees surge and increasing investments, says Saudi Arabia's finance minister Dubai launches soulbound token-powered secured digital certificate UAE announces tax incentives for small business owners Abu Dhabi-based TII launches its own version of ChatGPT UAE launches drive to ensure youth play a central role in COP28 Saudi Arabia to bolster its film industry with $234 million funding Fast Company Middle East's Most Innovative Companies returns. With these new categories Sheikha Moza promotes Arabic at the inaugural TEDinArabic Summit Can GCC banks remain resilient from the global banking crisis? What do UAE employees want? Better compensation and work-life balance Aramco and DHL team up to build logistics hub in Saudi Arabia Why are employment scams on the rise in MEA? Dubai’s DEWA and JPMorgan team up on green financing Saudi National Bank growth unaffected by Credit Suisse investment Can AI tackle mental health problems? MBZUAI and IBT join forces to find out SeaWorld in Abu Dhabi to open on May 23 Saudi Venture Capital launches $80 million fintech fund UNHCR seeks citizen support for refugee crisis ADQ's AgTech Park begins operations to boost UAE’s food security Qatar’s Sheikh Jassim doubles down his bid for Manchester United From human research to artificial rain: Saudi astronauts to carry out experiments in space UAE Central Bank rolls out a digital currency strategy Dubai invests $1 billion in tech startups amid global market volatility IMF says Lebanon is in a 'very dangerous situation' UAE's H.E. Mariam Almheiri highlights innovation as the key solution to water scarcity MBRSC and e& enterprise sign MoU to explore AI collaboration UAE's minister Almheiri calls for investment and action for sustainable water use NEOM Airlines is going to be a tech-focused carrier Researchers discover over 2000 ram heads in ancient Egyptian temple Green economy is a top priority for the Dubai Free Zones Council What’s driving e-commerce growth in the MENA region? NEOM launches accelerator to support entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia to allow foreigners to buy property? UAE digital technology spending to reach $20 billion by 2026 Saudi Arabia ranks high in renewable energy growth Is tourism soaring in Qatar after World Cup 2022? Yes, there's 347% increase UAE unveils National Genome Strategy to improve personalized healthcare UN agency urges for fresh support as around 170,000 workers lost their jobs in Turkey-Syria quake Saudi Ports Authority announces initiatives to reduce emissions Dubai launches program to develop apps and train 1000 Emiratis MBC teams up with Stu Levy’s Tokyopop to produce anime series in the Middle East Can UAE residents boost their savings with a 'second salary' every month? UAE ranks first regionally in Kearney's emerging markets index Astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi conducts 3D-printing experiment for knee cartilage tissue in space Dubai International Arbitration Center brings conflict resolution to the metaverse Creative Control Inspiring Conversations The 5 best fitness products for your workout regime Obsessing over your biased performance review? Here are 3 things to consider Fancy some bedouin-style iftar? Or suhoor under the stars? 5 sustainable homegrown skincare brands that you must try A plant pathologist explains how AI can give us healthier crops How AI is making us more boring and less creative 6 things to know about OpenAI’s Mira Murati, the most interesting person in tech right now What ChatGPT and other generative AI tools mean for HR This Chevy EV is a bargain—and kinda drives itself How OpenAI CTO Mira Murati became one of tech’s most influential innovators Bing’s AI chatbot now has several distinct personalities How NASA pulled off the DART mission, making science fiction a reality 3 silver linings for tech in 2023 These devices changed the game for diabetes treatment. Now they’re the latest wellness trend 5 cybersecurity trends people who work from home need to know Lidiane Jones, Slack’s new CEO, is the glue between it and Salesforce More countries are building their own constellations to deliver broadband You can poison AI datasets for just $60, a new study shows This company’s software is designed to protect against AI disasters Steve Jobs, Jef Raskin, and the first great war for your thumbs De-extinction is all the rage, but it’s not really ‘resurrecting’ species How machine learning is changing the way businesses think about customer behavior This 2004 LinkedIn pitch deck is an amazing, nostalgic time capsule Salesforce’s Einstein GPT soldiers up in the AI arms race Facebook president: Actually, we’re growing . . . more like TikTok Melinda French Gates’s Pivotal Ventures backs women’s health clinic Tia LinkedIn turns 20: An oral history of an unlikely champion Salesforce’s EinsteinGPT may be the most meaningful application of AI chatbots yet The PayPal mafia gets all the attention, but look what LinkedIn’s diaspora has accomplished LinkedIn should position itself as the next Twitter, says this early tech evangelist Digital transformation not delivering enough value? Look at your APIs A hacker’s remorse for her (unintended) victims LinkedIn’s quietly enduring importance Organizational psychologist Adam Grant explains why we should normalize failure As AI grows, so does its dark side. Here’s what you need to know A social media researcher explains the problem with Meta and Twitter’s verification services Immersive telecast and smart stadiums – post-FIFA Qatar prepares for the sports tech boom Robert Downey Jr. tells us why he became an online safety app’s brand advocate How 20 years of Google’s AdSense changed the internet How ChatGPT can help abuse survivors represent themselves in court ‘It’s going to transform all of our lives’: OpenAI’s CTO on how AI is remaking society Alibaba considers integrating Generative AI. What does it mean for Middle East businesses? Grammarly’s next step: writing the whole essay for you What happens when a metaverse disappears? What Google’s ChatGPT scare tells us about the company on its 25th birthday OpenAI unveils new GPT-4 language model that allows ChatGPT to ‘see’ Snapchat’s AI could be the creepiest chatbot yet The case for keeping all your email forever After the SVB crisis, what’s next for venture capital? Tech leaders from Vimeo, Slack, and 776 share insights on staying innovative during an economic downturn Ryan Reynolds sells Mint Mobile to wireless giant T-Mobile Critics denounce a lack of transparency around GPT-4’s tech Uploading your consciousness will never work, a neuroscientist explains How AI can make marketing more effective Here’s how NASA plans to replace the International Space Station—by becoming a private company’s tenant A search engine researcher explains the pros and cons of letting ChatGPT and other chatbots search the web for you NASA astronauts get new lunar spacesuits The CIA’s CTO and deputy director explain the future of spying Apple’s silence on generative AI grows louder Did ChatGPT kill the metaverse? Experts from the Middle East clear the air You can’t stop generative AI fraud—but you can keep the criminals guessing Google is releasing its Bard AI chatbot to the public Who’s still buying real estate in the metaverse? Adobe is diving—carefully!—into generative AI GitHub launches its new GPT-4-powered Copilot coding assistant 21 AI tools for content, image, sound, and video creation How IBM responded to the Snowden revelations with ‘good power’ Voice deepfakes are the new frontier of scamming. Here’s how you can detect them Jack Dorsey’s Cash App accused of fraud in damning report by activist short seller A new Deloitte report predicts big growth for satellites and launch vehicles 4,000 new customers and $2 billion in deposits: How Brex sprang into action as Silicon Valley Bank collapsed RIP, Gordon Moore, who gave us Moore’s Law—and the world it created This generative AI tool actually teaches kids how to write Date palm farms are being destroyed. Can this AI-powered device save them? With legacy verification ending, will Twitter’s blue checks become the new scarlet letter? How machine learning is helping scientists forecast bird migration Despite its troubles, the Human Brain Project was a success for neuroscience collaboration Loop vs. Notion: Microsoft’s new document app is a promising mess How watermarks can help protect against fraud with generative AI like ChatGPT AR menus to no food waste: Innovation is transforming the restaurant business Celebrities of all stripes are pushing back against paying for blue checks Experts say Apple’s move into buy now, pay later is likely to catch on with customers—and bring out the regulators Disney reportedly scraps its metaverse unit Believe it or not, Elon Musk is about to make Twitter even worse Self-help—and self-blame—won’t fix the tech addiction crisis POV: How generative AI is changing surveillance capitalism OpenAI’s GPT-4 is so powerful that experts want to slam the brakes on generative AI Why this comedy troupe is telling jokes about climate change AI bots are too ‘creative’ for their own good How AI contract tools can help you understand a contract An electrical engineer explains why room-temperature superconductors could revolutionize electronics As freshwater gets scarcer in the Middle East, could this tech be a solution? Is the letter calling for a pause on AI an impossible ask? What impact do women leaders create? Secret to entrepreneurial success? Embrace failure, says CEO of Balinca How can women-led ventures get funding? Mindshift Capital's Heather Henyon explains Science offers a systematic way to deal with our regrets 5 behavioral signs your staff is on the brink of burnout The Great Reshuffle isn’t over yet in the Middle East. Here’s what experts think is going on How to avoid leadership advice that can sabotage your career and mental health—and what to do instead Learn to love your work and succeed as never before There are 3 types of power at work. Here’s how to build them all Why neglecting work relationships can sabotage innovation and productivity, according to research 6 ways to spend less time writing emails How to spark a revolution in company culture that’ll boost employee retention Want to turn your passion into a full-time business? Your meetings are a complete energy suck. Here’s how to make them better Why emotional intelligence is key to running multiple ventures Workplaces in the Middle East risk losing women. Women leaders tell us what could help How to know if you’re stuck in your career (and how to fix it) Leaders need to take responsibility and stop giving quiet promotions. Here’s how Can AI predict if you’re going to quit? Probably. But so can humans 5 ways to display emotional intelligence (even if it’s not your strong suit) How to slay your ‘anxiety monster’ and reclaim happiness at work Your people-pleasing ways are holding you back. Here’s how to set healthy boundaries ‘Ted Lasso’ shows us why leaders should aspire to be kind, rather than cutthroat Taken a career break? How do employers in the Middle East view it? It’s time we stop using violent words and phrases at work This simple trick is the antidote to hustle culture How to talk to a problem employee about their poor job performance The real reason more women and people of color suffer from imposter syndrome How to be a leader in an AI-powered world It’s time to get intentional about what day of the week you hold meetings Why you should never bring your laptop to a meeting—and how to meet without them Will ChatGPT replace you at work? Not yet, says ChatGPT 5 ways ChatGPT can help recruiters find the best candidates Being positive all the time is impossible and toxic—here’s how to deal with difficult emotions at work The Monarch Collective unveils $100 million fund to bring equity to women’s sports What is a human’s place in the AI future of work? Why having women in leadership roles is critical in the Middle East 6 skills you need to stand out in the age of AI Can inclusive policies retain a diverse workforce? MENA companies are betting on it Psychological safety: 3 ways leaders can create a safe space Microsoft Chief People Officer: We are experiencing a global human energy crisis